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Trying to understand all of your Ohio healthcare plan options is not easy. As the top Buckeye state health insurance broker Agency, we explain all of your Marketplace Exchange policy options, and show you how to find the coverage that costs the least. If you are eligible for a premium-reducing federal subsidy, we determine your eligibility and instantly reduce the rate.

We specialize in helping individuals, families, the self employed, and small businesses find affordable medical coverage. Our website provides the convenience and many advantages of shopping for policies on one single site. Since rates must be approved by the Ohio Department of Insurance, lower rates can not be found.

No Medical Questions!

You also may have noticed that we no longer ask any medical questions.  That's because they are no longer required! Other changes include your possible eligibility for a government financial subsidy to pay some, most...or yes...possibly all of your costs. Since the subsidy is actually a tax-credit that is determined by your total household income, any upcoming changes in salary or job status should be considered.

We make it easy to apply through the Ohio Health Insurance Exchange. Get the best rates and apply the easy way!

There are never any fees or costs for utilizing any content in our website, and we personally review and update all articles so they are relevant. For example, when the 2012 Presidential election ended, we immediately provided "Exchange" information, even though it wasn't set to open until two years later. Also, during the 2016 Presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, we evaluated any significant healthcare changes that could have resulted in either person winning the nomination.

No Fees Ever! This Is A Free Website

There are no agent or broker fees, or silly memberships you have to pay. You also don't have to register a new account to get a free quote or compare prices. The Affordable Care Act has created many opportunities that could potentially reduce your premium up to 100%. We show you the best on and off Exchange policies so you can get coverage cheaply, quickly, and without spending too much of your valuable time. 

We are one of the few websites that allows you to quickly compare rates from multiple carriers instead of  just one company. For example, you can view Anthem's best rates and plans, along with the best policies from UnitedHealthcare, Medical Mutual, Humana, SummaCare, CareSource, HealthSpan, Ambetter, Molina, Aetna and other large companies.

If you need help understanding the different Metal plans (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze), we can explain which options cost less, but also how much extra money you would pay if you were hospitalized for a significant amount of time, or needed medications or therapy for a specific condition. The rate is obviously an important factor to consider. But your potential out-of-pocket costs are just as vital.

Personal And Financial Information Not Needed

We don't require you to register, provide your social security number, or tell us your father's middle name! We know that many consumers do not like visiting or applying for coverage through the .gov website. You will always view the same prices on our website, and we guide you through the entire application and enrollment process, and continue to be your personal resource long after you have been approved.

We are located here in the Buckeye State, and therefore, 100% of our efforts are used to help you find the best Ohio health insurance plan at the most competitive rate. We don't hire inexperienced or unqualified workers, there are no glitches or delays to worry about and, you won't be put on hold if you call us. Each year, an annual review is conducted on your current policy, to ensure the plan continues to be the most cost-effective option. We also re-calculate your federal subsidy,  and help you with Medicare or Medicaid options, if applicable.

Unlike many out-of-state websites, 100% of our content is focused on the medical coverage that is offered in your area, for both Seniors, and residents under age 65. By reviewing all available options, you can easily compare affordable policies and enroll online for coverage in less than 25 minutes.