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Affordable health insurance in Dayton can be purchased directly through our website at the lowest rates offered by each company. For more than 38 years, we have helped consumers in the Miami Valley compare personal and business plans for themselves, family members and employees. We review and compare all single and family plans. 

Dayton area rates are among the lowest in the Ohio. Montgomery, Miami, Greene, Clark, Darke, Preble, and Warren counties feature some of the most affordable prices in the Midwest. Typically, area premiums are approximately 15%-25% lower than many northern portions of the state such as the Akron, Toledo and Cleveland areas. The most expensive plans are often found in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Mahoning, and Portage Counties.

Local Counties With Low Rates

Counties to the Southeast (Portsmouth) have slightly higher costs. The band of lower rates extends from the Tipp City-Troy area south to the Springboro-Frankin-Middletown area, which is where we are located. Nearby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base employees are covered by the federal government program, so although they are (generally) very healthy, it does not impact area costs. Areas (east to west) between Xenia and Eaton also feature attractive pricing.

Several of the reasons for the low premiums include reduced hospital and emergency room charges and less medical claims in recent years. Larger hospitals, such as Miami Valley, Sycamore, Green Memorial, Southview, and Kettering Medical Center, enjoy close relationships with the providers, and work together to reduce costs for area residents. It's not unusual to see your medical bill negotiated and repriced downward by hundreds or thousands of dollars. Many of the hospitals also operate satellite facilities.

Get the most affordable prices for your healthcare in DaytonOhio. We shop all of the carriers in Montgomery County and surrounding areas.


Below, you can view sample monthly prices (under age 65) for popular plans in several different scenarios. Federal subsidies are estimated (if applicable), and medical conditions (if any) do not impact rate. We also assume that all applicants do not use tobacco. Smoker premiums are slightly higher, and the applicants live in Montgomery County, unless otherwise indicated.


45-Year-Old Residing in Zip Code 45409 With Income Of $25,000

$85 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900

$99 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA

$136 - Ambetter Balanced Care 11

$141 - Ambetter Balanced Care 5

$149 - CareSource Marketplace Bronze


50-Year-Old Married Couple Residing in Zip Code 45405 With Income Of $37,000

$91 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900

$125 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA

$217 - Ambetter Balanced Care 11

$229 - Ambetter Balanced Care 5

$250 - CareSource Marketplace Bronze


25-Year-Old Residing in Zip Code 45459 With Income Of $22,000 

$65 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900

$74 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA

$100 - Ambetter Balanced Care 11

$103 - Ambetter Balanced Care 5

$109 - CareSource Marketplace Bronze


60-Year-Old Married Couple Residing in Zip Code 45373 (Miami County) With Income Of $60,000

$0 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA

$0 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900

$24 -Medical Mutual Market HMO 5250 HSA

$53 - CareSource Marketplace Bronze

$153 - CareSource Marketplace HSA Eligible Bronze


38-Year-Old Married Couple Residing in Zip Code 45066 (Warren County) With Income Of $50,000

$209 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900

$240 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA

$293 - Anthem Bronze Pathway X HMO 7900

$302 - CareSource Marketplace Bronze

$323 - Ambetter Balanced Care 11


Short-Term policies

If you only need temporary benefits, a short-term plan may be the best option. Dayton's most inexpensive health insurance rates are offered by UnitedHealthcare, National General, Companion Life, and HCC Life. Humana, Anthem, and Assurant no longer offer these types of plans in the area. Medical Mutual features a temporary policy that includes office visit benefits. It's more expensive than most other options, but contains several features not found in other policies. NOTE: Premier previously utilized Miami Valley Hospital (pictured below), but ceased offering private coverage.


View information about Dayton hospitals and the most affordable health insurance options.


HSA Options


HSA plans (more information is found here) are also available. CareSource, Ambetter, and Medical Mutual are generally the best options. However, there are specific differences in coverage that must be considered before applying for a policy. Also, since all non-preventative expenses must meet the deductible, the size of your network-negotiated discount must be strongly considered, and of course, whether your physicians are participating providers.

For example, previously, Humana featured Dayton and Cincinnati-based networks. If you lived in Englewwod, or Harrison Township, your choice of plans was different than someone that resided in Springboro, Middletown, or Franklin. Humana's only other network was Cleveland-based. Oscar is popular in the Cleveland and Columbus areas, and may expand to the Miami Valley in the future.


Several of the available Health Savings Accounts offered in Montgomery, Miami, Darke, Greene, Preble, and Warren Counties include:

Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA

Medical Mutual Market HMO 5250 HSA

CareSource Marketplace HSA Eligible Bronze


Affordable Senior healthcare coverage is available in Ohio. Compare Medigap and Advantage plans now.


Senior Medigap Coverage (Dayton Area)


Dayton-area residents that have reached age 65, can qualify for Medicare Supplement, Advantage, Part D, and several other Medigap-related plans. Supplement coverage is standardized and available if you are currently enrolled in Parts A and B. All policies are guaranteed renewable, regardless of any medical conditions you have or have been treated for. Several of the least expensive options are shown below. Monthly rates shown are for a non-smoking 65-year-old female.

Plan A

$73 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$85 - Humana

$95 - CSI Life


Plan B

$111 - Aetna

$112 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$187 - Assured Life


Plan C

$133 - Americo

$135 - Western United Life

$140 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare


Plan D

$101 - Americo

$105 - Philadelphia American

$109 - CSI Life


Plan F

$127 - Americo

$132 - Lumico

$137 - Western United Life


Plan F (HD)

$39 - Americo

$41 - Cigna

$44 - Medico


Plan G

$100 - Western United Life

$100 - Americo

$104 - Lumico


Plan N

$81 - Aetna

$84 - Western Umited Life

$84 - Assured Life


Medicare Advantage Plan Rates In Montgomery and Surrounding Counties


(Estimated monthly rates shown below are for a 65-year-old)

$0 - AARP MedicareComplete Plan 6

$0 - Aetna Medicare Value

$0 - Aetna Medicare Select

$0 - Allwell Medicare

$0 - Allwell Dual Medicare

$0 - Anthem MediBlue Essential

$0 - Anthem MediBlue Preferred

$0 - Anthem MediBlue Dual Advantage

$0 - Anthem MediBlue Access Core

$0 - Buckeye Health Plan - MyCare Ohio

$0 - CareSource Advantage Zero Premium

$0 and $15 - Humana Gold Plus

 $0 and $19 - HumanaChoice

$0 - MediGold EssentialCare

$0 - MedMutual Advantage Classic

$0 - MeridianCare Essential

$0 - MeridianCare Extra

$0 - Molina Dual Options MyCareOhio

$0 - UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete

$28 - AARP MedicareComplete Plan 2

$32.90 - CareSource Advantage 

$32.90 - Anthem MediBlue Extra

$38 - MedMutual Advantage Choice

$38 - MedMutual Advantage Select

$57 - MediGold Flexible Choice

$60 - MediGold Medical Only

$63 - Anthem MediBlue Plus

$67 - CareSource Advantage Plus

$68 - Anthem MediBlue Access

$70 - Anthem MediBlue Access Basic

$74 - MedMutual Advantage Preferred

$87 - Anthem MediBlue Access Plus

$99 - MedMutual Advantage Plus

$103 - Humana Gold Choice

$111 - AARP MedicareComplete Plan 3

$119 - MedMutual Advantage Premium

$120 - MediGold Classic Preferred

$190 - Aetna Medicare OH Connect Gold 2

$204 - Aetna Medicare OH Connect Gold 


Anthem Senior Plans In Ohio

Anthem Blue Cross offers many policy options in the Dayton area. Shown below are current available plans. Dental and vision benefits can also be added.



Select Plan N

Plan A

Plan F



MediBlue Essential

MediBlue Dual Advantage

MediBlue Access

MediBlue Plus

MediBlue Access Enhanced


Part D Plans

Blue MedicareRX Standard

Blue MedicareRX Plus

BlueMedicare RX Premier


To view, compare or apply for coverage, please furnish your zip code near the top of the page. That helps determine the cost of your coverage, since it is a local rating factor. We are experienced, local, unbiased and provide the lowest available health insurance rates in the Dayton area.


Additional Information

Medicare Open Enrollment begins October 15th each year, and the Miami Valley has many locations where consumers can receive free assistance regarding eligibility and plan comparisons. OSHIIP (Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program) will schedule appointments with Seniors on various dates at several locations. Some of these locations include:

Vandalia Senior Center

The Learning Place in Piqua

Earl Heck Center in Englewood

Warren County Community Services in Lebanon

Rec West Enrichment Center in Centerville

Xenia Community Center