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Your Confidential Medical Information…Would You Like To See It?

MIB Group Inc.  (“MIB”) is an industry trade organization owned by more than 450 insurance companies. Formerly, the “Medical Information Bureau, the MIB detects and deters fraud that may occur while applying for life, health, disability, long-term and critical-illness insurance for Ohio customers and any other applicant in the US.

Each year, consumers may obtain one free copy of their medical records and question the accuracy of any item in their file, and request correction of it in accordance with the procedures of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”). When a consumer disputes a particular item, the member company that reported the information is contacted, and immediately conducts an investigation to determine if the disputed information was complete an accurate.

What we like about this company is that they have been in business a long time (since 1902) and are a non-profit company. If an error or admission is discovered when an applicant is purchasing a policy, an underwriter is notified, and proper action can be taken. This helps reduce prices for the five types of insurance products previously mentioned.

Privacy, of course, has become a very sensitive issue, especially with recent scandals involving the IRS and Edward Snowden. However, the MIB uses encrypted and confidential coding to keep the information transmitted secure and confidential. Whether you request information, or another healthcare provider, your personal information is safe.

How Do You Keep Medical Information Safe?

Your Medical Information Is Safe

To obtain a free copy of your consumer file, you may call (866) 692-6901. However, if you have not applied for individual life, health or disability insurance within the last seven years, there will not be an available consumer file. Also, you will likely be asked personal identification information and to certify that you are the person requesting disclosure. The most common healthcare carriers that are applied to here in the state are Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHeathOne and Medical Mutual.

The Consumer Guide provides extensive information regarding what companies do with your information, and how that information gets in your file. The MIB automatically and uniformly purges records after seven years. So if you have not applied for any policies in the last 84 months, there’s a good chance your file will be empty.

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