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Where Should You Buy Your Ohio Health Insurance?

Evidently, you know where to buy your Ohio health insurance, because you’re here! is the consumer favorite for affordable medical coverage in the Buckeye state. If you don’t currently have insurance, or you need to find a lower price, you have come to the right place.  But there are hundreds…perhaps thousands of websites that will provide rates.

So…what makes this website so special? Let’s start with the plans that are presented to you. Only quality companies are considered. You know…the reputable ones, such as Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, UnitedHealthCare, Medical Mutual, Celtic and Humana. You’ll never find any type of “discount plan” or any carrier that I wouldn’t use for my own coverage.

Comparing  plans can be very confusing. But we try to simplify the process for you. Side-by-side comparisons allow you to select the coverages that you need and choose the best fit. And if you apply for coverage, you’ll get plenty of help. Your short application can be completed online, via fax or by mail. And a live person is generally available to assist you. We actually answer emails past midnight!

Keeping the same doctors (if you change policies) is important. We will check all PPO, HMO and Point-Of-Service networks to find your physicians so you know which carriers will allow you to use the same providers.Sometimes, regional companies, such as Kaiser and SummaCare may not have strong representation in all areas of the state.

Find Where To Buy Healthcare In Ohio

When Changing Plans, We’ll Check Your Provider Network

Purchasing a policy is not quite the same as it was a few years ago. As a result of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), beginning in 2014, the number of available companies and plans will drastically reduce. Instead of choosing among “Value,” “Copay” and “Premier” types of policies, you’ll pick a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum option.

Of course, we will be your trusted resource for explaining differences in these “Medal” plans, explaining your federal tax subsidy (and how much it will reduce your cost) and reviewing and recommending the best options for you, and the easiest way to apply for coverage.

Should you keep your existing plan or replace it with one  of the new guaranteed-approval Medal plans? It depends on many variables, including your income, risk-tolerance, age and number of dependents you have. There will also be affordable contracts that will be offered outside of the “Marketplace.” Still state and federally approved, these may be big money-savers.

But what about the rates? Are they truly the lowest available prices? You betcha! And that’s a guarantee. Premiums are regulated by the Department of Insurance. So, you won’t find better offers. And we’ll take the extra time to make sure the plan you purchase is the right fit. You’ll be able to use the coverages that are important to you, and avoid paying for items that you don’t need and would never use.

With 30 years of experience, we have helped thousands of customers. When you buy Ohio medical coverage,  whether it’s an online link we provide or by fax or email, we research your options like no other website or broker. We understand each plan and will simplify the application process and get you covered as quickly as possible. And of course, when you request a comparison at the top of the page, the quote is free!

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