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United HealthCare of Ohio (UHC) offers more than 100 different health insurance policy variations. For a single person, monthly rates can range from $30 to $500 per month. Both catastrophic and comprehensive policies are offered along with HSA, student and small-business options. UHC markets their contracts under the “Golden Rule” name.

To help you decide which  policy is the best fit for you, we have briefly reviewed (below) some of the most popular options.

High Deductible (Catastrophic) Plans

It is your responsibility to pay for any routine health care expenses until your deductible is met. Once you meet your deductible, covered costs are paid by the policy. Generally, your deductible is higher than most other plans. But premiums on this type of  policy are usually fairly low. The most commonly selected deductibles are $5,000 and $7,500.

Plans To Consider: “Saver 80,”  and “Plan 80”

Traditional Copay Plans

Golden Rule Ohio Family Coverage

Ohio Family Health Insurance Through UHC

Copay plans offer similar features and benefits as traditional employer-sponsored plans. Golden Rule offers many plans that feature a set fee for office visits and 100% coverage for preventative visits. Normally, 100% of your exam and history costs are covered after the copay. Drug prescription card benefits are often included. There are many available riders so we can customize benefits to match your needs.

Plans To Consider: “Copay Select” and “Copay Saver”

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

United HealthCare offers HSAs with many deductible and coverage options. HSAs combine a high-deductible, lower-cost health insurance plan with an optional tax-favored side account. They will continue to be available when the State Exchange is up and running.

With an HSA Plan in Ohio, you may deposit money that you have saved on premiums into your tax-sheltered account. These savings can subsequently be used to pay your qualified medical, vision and dental expenses. Money that you deposit can be tax-deducted that year, even if it has not been spent yet. Of course

Plans To Consider: “HSA 100” and “HSA 70”

Short-Term Medical Plans

If your health insurance need is six months or less, than a short-term policy might be appropriate. Periods of coverage range from one to six months (and sometimes longer) and policies are usually approved within 48 hours. If you are unemployed or between jobs, this type of coverage is often your best option.

Plans To Consider: “Short Term Medical”

Of course, there are many excellent-rated companies here in the Buckeye state. When we review the policies that will provide the best benefits at the lowest cost, UnitedHealthCare may not always be the perfect fit. As an independent Agency, we will ultimately recommend the highest-rated carrier with the best pricing.

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2 Responses

  1. Bob Sr. says:

    Thanks for the great information. Anthem and Medical Mutual are the companies I know most about.

  2. Snipet says:

    I believe that Golden Rule is the same company. If so, I just applied on your site for a plan. I asked for a start date of Jan 1 which I assume is plenty of time.