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The Seven Best Health and Medical Information Websites

There’s plenty of health and medical information available on the internet. Of course, about 70% of the content is either rumor, fable or someone trying to sell you a miracle cure. Although there is no substitute for regular visits to the doctor, we have researched and found seven websites that will provide very informative reading and some tips that might just make your daily routine a bit easier.

And you don’t have to live here in Ohio to enjoy these websites and there is no cost or hidden agendas. Articles are constantly updated, and we think you’ll enjoy learning about new ideas and breakthroughs.

WebMD  A plethora of information awaits you. What causes fatigue? What can you substitute for corn syrup? Does the “Master Cleanse Diet” work? What vitamins cut stroke risk?  The answers to these questions and much more can be easily found on this website.

And the topics change daily, so you’ll always have relevant information to read. Whether it’s obesity, a list of the top hospitals or the best and worst drugs, you’ll find plenty of helpful reading.

MayoClinic  Reliable medical information is presented on an easily-navigated website. Popular topics discussed include alternative medicine, fitness, cancer recurrence and dealing with depression. A popular feature is “Asking a Mayo Clinic Specialist.” Research, education and patient care are usually some of the hottest topics.

MedicineNet   “We bring Doctor’s knowledge to you” is their motto. And the website is packed with interesting information. From articles on “Universal flu drugs” to “Hidden truths of dreams,” the topics discussed are always helpful.

“Featured Patient Discussions” and “Doctor-to-Patient”/Patient-to-Patient Stories are two of the more popular website features. Quizzes and “Symptom Checker” are also two popular features along with the many images and slideshows.

MSN Healthy Living  Site contents include weight loss, nutrition, fitness, expert advice, FDA recalls and dozens of other subjects. A “Health Topics” library and a Message Board allow interaction between the consumer and the website. The “food and recipe” section is quite popular along with “pregnancy and parenting”, and “diseases and conditions.” Most of us can probably relate to those topics.  Keeping track and identifying your medications is made easy with this website. The free “Mednotes” system gives the consumer instant advice, warnings and interactions for all of their medications. More than 24,000 prescription drugs are reviewed.

Each year, a large number of non-generic prescriptions became available as a generic substitute. Maybe they can save you money. The “Pill Identifier” section may also be helpful if you take current medications.

Yahoo Health  Heath expert advice and informative videos are among the features of this website. Health news is updated daily and a free “diet evaluation is usually prominently displayed on the front page.Some of the popular blogs include “Breast Cancer Chronicles” and Diabetes Checkup.”

Sorry Yahoo Fantasy Football plans…there are no fantasy tips on this website. But I’ll be happy to help you with your draft or roster any time.

Finally, one of our national websites offers additional free  information and free medical insurance quotes.   It can be found at
  Typically, you can read about current trends in State Health Exchange Marketplaces and some cost-saving ideas for purchasing coverage outside of Ohio.

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