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What Anthem BCBS Healthcare Plans Are Available In Ohio?

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Ohio health insurance plans provide quality benefits with pre-existing  conditions covered. Your rate is affordable, and Marketplace policies are eligible for financial assistance in the form of instant tax credits.

Coverage for single persons or families under the age of 65 are classified as “ACA-Compliant” plans and are issued “on” or “off” the Exchange. Anyone eligible for Medicare can enroll in a Medigap (Medicare Supplement) or Advantage plan. Open Enrollment periods may apply to persons under and over the age of 65, although Special Enrollment Periods are available.

Listed below are all available policies offered here in the Buckeye State for 2015 and 2016 effective dates. Full plan descriptions and pricing is immediately provided with quote requests. Additional information for the Cheapest Anthem Ohio Plans is found on our regular website (not blog). We updated policy plans and prices on a regular basis.


Catastrophic Plans


Catastrophic Pathway X PPO 6600 0 – $40 copay for Primary Care Physician (pcp) office visits. $6,600 deductible.


Bronze Plans


Bronze Pathway X PPO 0 For HSA – $6,000 deductible and eligible for HSA contracts.

Bronze Pathway X PPO 5000 30 – $5,000 deductible with 30% coinsurance.

Bronze Pathway X PPO 6400 20 – $6,400 deductible with copays on generic and brand prescriptions.

Bronze Pathway X PPO 4300 20 – Lower deductible but same $6,600 maximum out-of-pocket expenses.

Bronze Pathway X PPO 5550 20 –¬† $5,550 deductible with 20% coinsurance and copays on generic and brand prescriptions.

Find Anthem BC Ohio Rates

Anthem Ohio Silver-Tier Plans Offer Cost-Sharing Deductible Reductions


Silver Plans


Silver Pathway X PPO 3500 25 – $3,500 deductible with $20 pcp copay. Also $10 copay for generic drugs.

Silver Pathway X PPO 3000 10 – $3,000 deductible with $40 copay on pcp visits.

Silver Pathway X PPO 10 for HSA – $2,500 deductible with 10% coinsurance. Fully HSA-eligible.

Silver Pathway X PPO 2000 20 – $2,000 deductible with copays (only) on generic and brand prescriptions.

Silver Pathway X PPO 3500 0 – $3,500 deductible with $45 copay on pcp visits.

Silver Pathway X PPO 2000 15 – Similar to Silver Pathway X PPO 2000 20 only 15% coinsurance higher out-of-pocket maximum.

Silver Pathway X PPO 2500 10 – $2,500 deductible with $30 copay on pcp visits.


Gold Plans


Gold Pathway X PPO 1250 10 – Low $1,250 deductible with $30 pcp copay.



May 2015 – 2016 Anthem Ohio individual rates have no been published yet. We expect to see increases of approximately 5%-15%, although specific plans may see higher increases. There also could be some policy design changes, especially in the Bronze and Silver tiers. Within the next three months, more specific information should become available. Open Enrollment begins on November 1st and continues through the end of January.

Also, the recent data breach seems to be under control. Anthem has taken steps to ensure it does not happen again ans has offered two years of free identity protection to anyone who was affected.

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