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The 10 Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans

Of course you want quality Ohio healthcare benefits at the best available price. With hundreds of plans to choose from Anthem, UnitedHelthcare, Aetna and so many other companies, how do you know which coverage is best? And what is the best way to calculate rates?

Here’s the good news. You live in Ohio, so your rates will be fairly low compared to most states. In addition, we make it easy to compare and choose the right policy.  Some have high deductibles and low premiums. Others have low deductibles and copays, but you’ll pay a few hundred dollars more each month. Perhaps you qualify for  a federal subsidy? We’ll calculate it for you.

Plan Availability

So maybe there are TOO many plans. They all look similar. And the guy from New Jersey tells you buy his plan and the telemarketer from Florida say she’ll tell you which plan is the best…AFTER you give him your credit card information. Sheesh! And let’s not forget the slick salesperson that quotes you a price, but can’t provide the coverages in writing. If you request a description of benefits to be sent in the mail, the phone call mysteriously disconnects or you are informed that their “special offer” ends at midnight.

To help you out. I have listed below 10 of the best available health insurance plans to Ohio residents. Yes, you will have to medically qualify. Also, rates will vary according to your age and zip code. And of course…if you don’t smoke, you’ll be getting a healthy discount. As always, your online quotes are free and without obligation. Enrollment gets easier every year.

So here we go…

Well…Wait a minute! Today’s date is December 1st, 2014 and the original article was published on July 26, 2008.  Yes, that’s a long time ago. All of the plans listed below are no longer available through the Marketplace, or outside the Marketplace (Exchange). So, although I will leave the original list alone (It brings back memories!), I have included a current Top-10 list of plans at the bottom of the article that  compares 2015 options instead of policies from 2008.

What Are The Top Healthcare Policies Available In Columbus?

Top 10 Health Insurance Plans In Ohio

Anthem Blue Access Plan 2 $25 Copay on office visits. No deductible on prescriptions.

Anthem Luminos HIA Health Savings Account. Top- notch with preventative coverage

Medical Mutual SuperMed One. Solid policy.

UnitedHealthCare Copay Select. No frills and straightforward.

Celtic Preferred Select. Celtic’s very best policy.

National Life No Claim Allowed. OK. I’m just making sure you’re still with me!

Medical Mutual SuperMed One has. I like Anthem’s better, but this one isn’t bad.

UnitedHealthCare HSA 100. Nice policy. Skip the UHC  HSA 80.

Anthem Blue Access Plan 3. 100% coverage after the deductible.

Aetna PPO. Barely makes the list. Good policy, but not great.

And now for the 2015 Top 10. NOTE: It’s a bit more difficult to pick than it was in 2008, since federal subsidies are now available and plans must fit into four Metal tiers (plus a catastrophic option). But the following 10 options provide quality benefits at an affordable cost. They are NOT in any specific order:

HealthSpan One Bronze 4000-70 HSA –  Inexpensive Health Savings Account option.

Aetna Bronze 20 Copay – One of cheapest available copay plans.

Humana Gold 2500 – Very affordable Gold plan with a lot of copays.

Anthem Bronze Pathway X PPO – Popular Anthem option.

UnitedHealthcare Gold Compass 500 – Low $20 and $40 copays.

Premier Health One Silver 2000 – Available in Dayton area.

HealthSpan One Silver 2000-70 – Low out-of-pocket expenses.

SummaCare Individual 6450-LD – One of the best options in Northeastern Ohio.

Ambetter Essential Care – Typically, Ambetter offers very low rates.

Molina Marketplace Silver – Very affordable option although not available in all areas.

Are you ready for for my Bottom 10? I have some doozies, but I’ll spare certain companies the embarrassment.


June 2011: It’s hard to believe but I wrote this post about three years ago. Plans change and as I look at this list, most of these policies have changed and some aren’t even offered any more. It might be best to visit the main site ( and view current prices.

December 2014: As noted above, the original Top-10 is woefully out-of-date. We replaced it with a much more current (2015) version. But in fairness, as we have constantly emphasized throughout the website, not all policies are available in every county.

For example, Miami Valley Hospital-based Premier Health has become a viable affordable option for consumers in Warren, Montgomery, Miami and surrounding counties. But if you live  outside of SW Ohio, the list of network providers will be sparse, and you won’t want to drive 45 miles to see your specialist.

Also, SummaCare offers a combination of reasonable prices and inclusion of most doctors and hospitals in their provider network. However, unless you live in specific zip codes near the Akron,Canton area, once again, you’ll have a long drive and thus, another company may be a better choice.

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