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Did you really go online and request an Ohio healthcare Exchange quote? Well…let me guess what happened. You received 26 phone calls the first day, and about 15 calls every day for two weeks. If you went on multiple websites, you may still be getting calls!

You're the eighth Ohio health insurance broker to call me!

Eight different brokers called you. Two were from Ohio, two from Florida, two from Texas and a gentleman from Nigeria offered to share his lottery winnings with you if you bought a health insurance policy from him.

Maddening isn’t it? It might be too late, but I have created a Top-10 list of “Do’s and Don’ts” when going online and requesting an Ohio health insurance quote.

Here they are:

10. If any broker asks for your credit card number, checking account number, or attempts to charge you an application fee…run away!

9. If any broker insists they are calling from Ohio, but your caller ID indicates otherwise…run away!

8. If any broker says that you better “lock in the rate” since the premium is going up the next day…run away!

7. If any broker is unwilling or unable to send you a hard-copy proposal in the mail…run away!

6. If any broker insinuates that only they can offer you the lowest available rate…run away!

5. If any broker thinks the Ohio State Buckeyes are a band from the 1980s…run away!

4. If any broker quotes rates from a company you never heard of…run away!

3. If any broker tells you they can’t email the proposal, and they need to show you in person… run away!

2. If any broker tells you that you don’t have to pay the first monthly premium since you won the Nigerian lottery…then run away!

1. And finally…If any broker tells you that you have to pay your premiums in Euros…run away!

Buying affordable healthcare in Ohio really isn’t difficult any more. The Obamacare subsidy will help reduce premiums for many households. If you don’t meet the requirements for the subsidy, you can consider a  policy that is purchased without Marketplace financial help. We are happy to explain the details to you.

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    love the online quotes and application process. hope you’ll keep in touch because i need to know when i am approved.

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    I’m applying for the Anthem Smartsense plan. I need three office visits and that’s my best deal. Thanks.

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