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New Anthem Blue Cross Plans In Ohio

There’s a new affordable Anthem Blue Cross plan in Ohio. Individual medical insurance plans in the Buckeye state are typically priced low and feature a large number of participating doctors and other providers. But this option is fairly cheap, provides comprehensive benefits and will save you money on your medical coverage.

Anthem BC has introduced its “SmartSense” plans, an affordable alternative to its more expensive “Premier” plan. Three PCP/Specialist office visits are covered with a $35 copay. A deductible applies to any remaining office visit. The savings can easily be hundreds of dollars per month on may family plans where a higher deductible is selected.

This new policy is ideal for individuals or families that want comprehensive benefits without having to pay “top dollar” for it. The price is right and it has become very popular. You can also find additional information regarding applying for an Anthem Ohio plan.

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Generic formulary, plus limited number of brand-name drugs are subject to a $15 copay or 60%, whichever is higher. Non-formulary prescription drugs are not covered. However, often a non-generic prescription is prescribed or you can request a generic alternative to a more expensive prescription.

Most Ohio individual health insurance plans include some adult preventative coverage. The “SmartSense” plan, unfortunately, only covers Mammography and Pap Tests after the deductible. Child preventative services are covered after the deductible. (NOTE- All preventative benefits are now covered at 100% due to new legislation that was passed in 2010)

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