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Ohio Health Insurance Scams

Ohio health insurance is big business. Unfortunately, sometimes it turns out to be monkey business.

When you go online and request a free quote, you’re likely to be contacted…no…make that BOMBARDED, with calls and emails from across the US. And while the vast majority of persons who contact you are honest professionals, you may be contacted by a con artist looking to make a fast buck. Typically, they talk a lot but don’t say much.

These scams operate in every state and are stealing millions of dollars from innocent victims. And sometimes, you don’t find out until your medical bills go unpaid. Or perhaps you noticed a series of unauthorized withdraws from your checking or saving account.

However…there are some warning signs that can help you avoid a scam:

·        The plan appears to be similar to insurance, but the representative used words such as “benefits” and “coverage” instead of “insurance.” And, any people you talk to seem to be evasive.

·        You are asked to pay an expensive “application fee” or “association fee” in addition to the premium.But there is no rational explanation why you need to pay or if it is refundable.

·        The company has no local offices and you have never heard of them. Nor have any of your neighbors.

·        The rep explaining the plan tells you that the policy must be purchased immediately or the rate will go up the next day. If you explain you would like extra time to think about it, a hard-core sales pitch begins.

·        The plan you are applying for accepts all applicants. Serious medical conditions do not affect the rate. The exception would be if this is an Exchange plan through a reputable website (like ours).

·        The rate appears to be substantially lower than other “Name-brand” plans and coverages appear to be higher. And the price does not seem to match what you typically would expect to pay.

·        The rep tells you they don’t have any materials to send in the mail until after you pay the initial fee. The more you ask, the more resistance you receive.

Of course…as the old saying goes…If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.

Ohio Scams

Compare Ohio Health Insurance Plans Before Buying Online

And there are plenty of other acts of fraud that occur here in Ohio. More often than you may realize, a consumer is arrested for forging documents to obtain prescriptions. The schemes are often quite elaborate. Submitting false claims is another illegal activity that seems to be growing.

Whether it’s for medical bills or an automobile or a building, the guilty parties are caught almost every time. And unfortunately, seniors are often the innocent victims. The ODI fraud unit is always there to help.

We certainly are not insinuating that most websites are fraudulent. Let’s hope they are not. But the best way to protect yourself is to buy policies from sources you have either been referred to or you trust. Our website, has been around a long time. We provide direct Exchange prices, unparalleled expert advice regarding plan design and tax-credit eligibility, and 24-7 service.

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2 Responses

  1. Derik Tutt says:

    Yes, folks will get absolutely hammered when searching for rates Online. As a broker, I know exactly what you mean. Great tips that you gave your readers here as well. Thanks. I’m licensed in the Carolinas and we see a lot of this stuff.

  2. Eve says:

    there are literally tons of that stuff on the internet today so watch out”`- I’m glad I checked you guys out. Yes, you are reputable.