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Get the most recent unbiased reviews of Ohio health insurance plans available to consumers. Coverages range from high-deductible catastrophic plans to comprehensive policies with small out-of-pocket expenses. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are also available and growing in popularity.

And The newly-created Exchanges will bring four new metal plans to consumers- Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Your premium could be impacted by an immediate rebate if your income falls within the specified guidelines. Yes, there are a lot of policy options here in the Buckeye state.


We review popular Ohio policies each month. This month, all four selected plans are readily available, easily underwritten, and quite affordable. They’ll likely meet your budget and be much less expensive than most other options.

How To Get The Best Anthem Ohio Plans

Find The Cheapest Medical Plans In Ohio


Anthem Value Plan Two office visits per person (per year) are included, subject to a $30 copay. Brand-name formulary and and Generic non-formulary prescription are included. Like many Ohio health insurance plans, some preventative care and diagnostic services are included. And a generous $5 million lifetime limit is also built into the policy.


UnitedHealthCare Copay Saver Plan  One of many Ohio health insurance plans offered by UnitedHealthCare. A $35 copay applies to the two allowed office visits per person per year (including wellness). Generic prescriptions are subject to a $15 copay while non-generic prescriptions are not covered. The lifetime limit is $3 million and maternity coverage can be added as a rider.


Aetna Preventative And Hospital Care 3000  Perhaps Aetna’s most affordable Ohio health insurance plan, this policy is HSA compatible. The principal feature of the policy is the outstanding preventative care coverage. Annual routine GYN exams, routine physicals, and Paps/Mammograms are not subject to a deductible. A $1 million lifetime limit is included.

UnitedHealthCare Saver 80 Plan One of the least expensive Ohio health insurance plans, this plan is designed to cover catastrophic claims. Major medical and emergency room charges are covered, along with most routine hospital expenses. Office visits are not covered, although a drug prescription discount card in included. $3 million of lifetime limit coverage per person is included in each policy.

Affordable Ohio health insurance plans are available, and often can be approved in less than a week. The application process is simple and physicals are rarely required.


UPDATE: August 2011. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since I wrote this short post. Many plans have changed. The Anthem Value plan has been replaced by the “SmartSense” plan. You can easily view Anthem Ohio Rates on our website.

Also, The UnitedHealthCare Copay Saver plan is now referred to as the Copay Value plan. The rates are still very attractive.

Lifetime caps have also been eliminated on all plans.

UPDATE: July 2013. Many additional changes have occurred. There is no longer an annual or lifetime cap on the amount of money an insurer will pay for a covered claim. Also, the number of available policies that will be offered to residents in the state will reduce when the first Exchange Open Enrollment takes place in October (runs to end of February). When getting a quote from our website, all of these changes will be reflected in the plans you view.



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