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Old News And Information – A Lot Has Changed

An Anthem subsidiary has signed a consent order with the Ohio Department of Insurance agreeing that its online provider directory for mental health providers in Hamilton County is inaccurate and therefore misleading to consumers.

According to a news release, the Department of Insurance investigated a complaint that Community Insurance Company was misrepresenting its provider network by identifying providers as “in network” when the providers were unreachable, not in the company”s network or in the network, but not accepting new patients.

UnitedHealthcare’s contract with OhioHealth — the parent company of hospitals such as Grant Medical Center and Doctors, Dublin Methodist and Riverside Methodist — expires June 9, and negotiations are coming down to the wire, 10TV”s Lindsey Seavert reported.

The insurer informed customers recently that unless a new contract is signed soon, they may have to change doctors and hospitals to remain in UnitedHealthcare”s network.

UnitedHealthcare has more than 280,000 members in central Ohio.

Jeff Oster, DPM has created which offers help on foot and ankle problems in articles and discussion forums by experts and patients with similar problems.

It”s expensive to get sick. Co-pays and deductibles are up. Fewer and fewer services are considered covered services by your insurance company. Or even worse, you have no health insurance at all. With or without health insurance, it seems that any time you are sick, you still pay your own way.

A recent study found that between 2001 and 2005, health insurance premiums in Ohio rose by 34 percent to an average of $10,662, up from $7,944. The national average for growth was nearly 30 percent.

The study, by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the State Health Access Data Center, also reported that about 8,000 Ohio companies stopped providing health coverage during that time, affecting more than 515,000 workers.

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UPDATE: 9-17-10. Obviously, this was a very old blog post. I hate to delete old stories, so I”ll leave it alone. -Ed

UPDATE: 1-26-15. And this is still  an old post! So much has changed since this original article was published in 2008. Not only are federal tax credits available to help pay your premium, but many new companies are offering plans in the state, such as Premier, HealthSpan and Ambetter.

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