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Ohio Health Insurance Consumer Complaints

Every year, The Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) publishes complaint ratio data after receiving premium information for the previous year from different carriers. The final statistics are published so consumers have specific information that they can utilize to make an informed decision regarding which company to consider. Naturally, we use this information along with other factors to help recommend the best plans.

In 2007, the ODI received 2826 complaints about health insurance from Ohio consumers. When a complaint is received,  insurers must respond in a timely manner. Each complaint is documented, investigated and resolved.

If a company’s  complaint ratio is 1.0, it had one complaint for every $1 million in written premium. Therefore, the lower the complaint ratio, the better.

Some of the Ohio health insurers with the lowest complaint ratios are:

.08  Anthem

.11  United HeathCare

.13  Medical Mutual

.14  Aetna

Companies with higher complaint ratios are:

.67  Nationwide

.47  United American

.31  Time (Assurant)

All ratios can be viewed here.

Among some of the more interesting tidbits of information, the companies with the highest percentage of consumer issues were AIG,  Conseco, Senior HI of Pennsylvania, Genworth, National Union Fire and United American. The good news is that none of those carriers are big “players” any more in the marketplace. And on a personal note, we have never utilized or quoted any plans that they offer.

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