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Healthcare Companies In Ohio From 2008

The five major Ohio health insurance companies are Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Medical Mutual and Aetna. Each company offers policies that are distinctly different and quite competitive in most situations. Medical Mutual and Anthem usually offer the lowest Health Savings Account (HSA) rates in the Buckeye State, while Humana offers low cost temporary health care plans. UnitedHealthcare and Aetna offer a wide range of comprehensive and catastrophic policies that giveĀ  residents a large choice of options.

Rates are extremely affordable compared to rates from other states. In-state premiums are expected to remain fairly low until 2014 when many of the national health care reform changes begin. Although rates are likely to substantially increase, tax credits could reduce the premiums for those that qualify.

Carriers in our state offer policies to individuals and families. Whether you are unemployed, self-employed, without coverage or on Cobra, there are many policies that will fit within your budget and provide the coverage you need. Most policies are medically underwritten although physicals are rarely required. We”ll be happy to review your options. We never consider any type of “discount plan.”


June 25 2015 – This was our FIRST blog post from 2008. Admittedly, this article is short, not very informational, and woefully outdated. Many additional carriers now offer plans, including HealthSpan, Ambetter, SummaCare and many others.

By checking more recent posts, you can read and learn about all of the major (and smaller) carriers that feature policies both on and off the Marketplace.

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