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Ohio health and dental insurance coverage can be combined into one policy. Often, the major companies, such as Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, and United HealthCare, will either include or offer separate riders for their dental coverage. Prices are generally fairly low, although sometimes it is best to separate plans to maximize your savings. We will help you find the best combination of benefits and low cost.

Below, you can view some of the features, coverages and approximate premiums of adding dental coverage to your Ohio health insurance policy. Remember that these are estimates and can change depending on your zip code and what pre-existing conditions (if any) you are being treated for. And if you are terminating  existing group coverage through work, remember that private policies usually offer less coverage than employer-provided benefits.

Ohio dental plans

Affordable Dental Plans In Ohio Are Available


United HealthCare includes a dental “discount” coverage with their basic Golden Rule plans. FACT (Federation of Consumers and Travelers) provides the discounts…usually between 10% and 40% on many dental and vision expenses. A more comprehensive dental insurance plan is also available for approximately $24-$34 per month per person. They have a large provider list in every part of the state.

Anthem Blue Cross Of Ohio offers a wide range of dental services that can be added as a rider to their health insurance plans. Both traditional and PPO plans are available at monthly costs between $22 and $36 per month per person.

Aetna offers two levels of dental coverage. If packaged with their individual plan, the cost is only $14 per month per person. A “stand alone” dental plan is also available for customers that do not own an Aetna health plan. The monthly cost is approximately $25.

Medical Mutual of Ohio offers a dental insurance rider with a $50 deductible. Once the deductible is met, most preventative services are covered at 100%. The approximate monthly cost is $15-$20. This plan does not include some of the major medical benefits that are found in most of the other options. The price is right, but not if you more in-depth benefits.

If your priority is keeping your premium low, you may wish to consider a discount plan. You can click here for complete details. There are about 15-20 choices, although they are of the policies listed are not going to pay 100% of your expenses, especially on the most expensive claims.

Comparing dental plans is not easy. Benefits and pricing are always different and the list of exclusions can be long. If we can help, contact us and we will recommend  a few quality plans that are offered by reputable companies.

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