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Who Else Knows About Your Medical Conditions?

Many consumers are not aware that there are many insurance-related businesses that collect and provide medical information to health insurance companies about an individual’s medical conditions and usage of prescription drugs.

Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) Director Mary Jo Hudson is recommending  consumers should verify the accuracy of any health information collected by these companies.

Ohio life and health insurers routinely request medical information on applicants while underwriting a policy. Often, medical information from prior applications on the same person is used to possibly verify or confirm information.

For example, when an insurer takes an application for health insurance, the insurer may submit certain personal identifying information to one of these insurance support organizations to find out if any other insurer has had the same applicant. If the insurance support organization does have a “match,” the information is sent to the insurer, using certain codes. The insurer receiving the coded information can then question the applicant further about any undisclosed health information.

Under Ohio law, you are entitled to view and correct your personal information. You may view and copy the information in person, or have it mailed directly to you.

The complete article from the ODI can be found here.

We always encourage customers to inquire about privacy matters so they can verify where personal information is going and how secure it is when it gets there. Of course, we always take that extra step to keep your quote and application information safe and secure.

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