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Best Deals In Ohio For Personal Health Care

The best Ohio health insurance deals are here! Nobody wants to “shop until they drop” when you’re purchasing medical coverage online. That’s why we offer a free simple three-step process. You simply compare, apply and get covered. Depending on your health (although it won’t matter after 2014), you may be able to obtain a policy in a few hours. Our quotes are immediate so you can review options instantaneously.

Owning Your Own Policy

Personal policies are still very popular, since many employers are either eliminating group coverage or have drastically reduced their contributions towards employee premiums. So, while many years ago, buying health care through work made sense, in recent years, more people are purchasing their own private health insurance policies at very affordable prices. Here in the Buckeye State, we still enjoy some of the lowest costs in the US. Even Medicare Supplement prices are low.

The “deals” we find you are quality benefits from the most highly-rated companies. For example, Medical Mutual, a non-profit company offers many low cost policies. Anthem Blue Cross And UnitedHealthcare are two of the biggest names in the industry. Aetna and Humana, although not as popular in some areas of the state, are always worth considering. Coventry has terrific rates, but they are only available in a small section of Northeastern Oh.

Can You Negotiate?

Although we find you the greatest deals, the prices are not negotiable. That’s actually a law passed and enforced by the¬† Department of Insurance. This is designed to protect you from unscrupulous¬† websites and/or brokers that would attempt to either charge you an artificially-high premium or attempt to add either a hidden fee or alter the true cost of the policy. Rest assured, that in our 32 years in the business, we have never engaged in those types of activities.

Ohio Medical Rebate

Will You Get A Rebate From Your Ohio Health Care Plan?

The process will slightly change in late 2013 and beyond. That’s when an Exchange will begin and your choices will change. An extra step in the process will be the calculation of what (if any) tax credit you receive to reduce your premium. Our quoting software will calculate that for you. Also, you may have to convert to a government-approved plan unless your existing policy is “grandfathered.” By contacting us, we can check your status and inform you about your tax rebate (credit).

What About Coupons To Save Money?

I wish we could accept coupons! Imagine if the carriers offered 25% or 50% off certificates! They would be very popular. Although we don’t offer (nor does anybody else!) coupons, our information and advice is free and we do assure you that there is no lower rate available for any health insurance policy in Ohio. Also, when direct tax credit reductions from the Department Of Health And Human Services become available, it will be similar to receiving a coupon, and perhaps better. It will be applied directly to the cost of your policy. No bar codes or phone numbers to enter!

Maintaining the correct type of coverage is better than a coupon. Sometimes, paying $600 per month is actually not better than paying $400 per month, especially if that extra $2,400 per year is being wasted. And often, we do see this type of situation when evaluating different personal individual and family policies. The policy that’s best for someone else is probably not your best choice. Bot the deductible and maximum out-of-pocket expenses must be considered when selecting a plan.

And the benefits you had 5-10 years ago might have to be tweaked as well. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider an HSA. For others, it might be a good time to get out of your HSA. And what about your dependents? Should they stay on your policy until they are 26? These are all valid concerns. And that’s where we can help you decide the best action to take. If you become eligible for a Senior Medicare plan, your past HSA accumulations can still be used.

Don’t Stop With Just One Company

One of the best methods to find the best deal on your health insurance is to look at more than one company. Perhaps not as many as eight, but comparing the top three or four carriers makes sense. That’s why when we email your proposals, you’ll see the best offers from many companies and not just the one that appears to cost the least. There are other factors such as how much cost you will be sharing, if the policy is renewable and the size and availability of the local provider network.

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