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Hazardous Health Insurance Plans In Ohio

Most consumers don’t worry about the quality of their medical insurance policy. Usually, the company they bought the policy from is reputable, such as UnitedHealthcare, Aetna or Anthem. And if coverage was purchased online, there are many ways to verify that a website is safe and secure.

But maybe all is not as it appears. There are many plans that are overpriced, filled with exclusions and don’t provide coverage for minimum essential benefits, that are mandated by law.

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Consumer Reports published their “Seven Signs A Health Plan Might Be Junk.” They recommend avoiding plans with these features:

·        Limitations on specific benefits

·        Low or vague policy maximums

·   Incredibly low premiums that seem too good to be true        

·        Nominal or missing coverage for the important benefits

·        Ceilings on preventive items

·        Random phrases that appear very confusing or misleading

The entire article can be found here.

Of course, now (four years after this article was written), tougher standards are in place and federal legislation now requires a basic set of preventive benefits to be included in all non-short term plans. Even Medicare supplement policies are subject to rigorous guidelines.

Here’s some good news: NEVER promotes or provides applications for any type of “discounted” plan. We believe that your personal health insurance coverage in Ohio should be issued by a recognized and highly-rated carrier that maintains a large network of established physicians, medical facilities and hospitals.

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