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Best Health Insurance Plans For A Tight Budget

The best budget-minded health insurance plans in Ohio are not just surprisingly affordable, but they also are high-quality policies that will likely surprise you with the comprehensive benefits that are included. They can be purchased for private use or an employer can offer them to all of their employees.

Catastrophic Low Cost

Saver 80  from UnitedHealthOne. This basic policy is one of the least expensive plans offered in Ohio. Major medical coverage with many optional deductibles including a new $12,500 option. Although it will provide benefits for most hospital and related expenses, it is not designed to give you protection for prescriptions, non-preventive office visits or many outpatient expenses. But the price is right!

Preventative And Hospital Care 3000  from Aetna. A catastrophic plan also includes preventative coverage that is not subject to the deductible. It’s similar to the Saver 80 option with the exception that it only has one deductible option – $3,000. Also, Aetna’s provider list is a bit more limited in some areas of the state compared to UnitedHealthOne (Golden Rule).

Semi-Comprehensive Low Cost

SmartSense  from Anthem. Competitively-priced policy allows two office visits per person per year along with limited prescription coverage. Wide range of available deductibles and upgraded RX option can be purchased. In the Columbus area and other parts of the state, the prices are hard to beat when comparing to similar policies. And Anthem does a good job of lowering your portion of the bill since they are able to negotiate lower payouts from their provider network.

Copay Saver from UnitedHealthOne. Very similar to Anthem’s SmartSense plan, although rates are generally higher in most Ohio counties. The $5,000 deductible is the most competitive plan when comparing with other carriers. Discount dental and vision benefits are included with the mandatory FACT membership that must accompany all Golden Rule policies.

Inexpensive Health Insurance Ohio

Save Money With Budget Ohio Health Insurance

PPO Value from Aetna. Another budget-friendly plan that allows three office visits. Additional office visits are subject to a deductible. Like all of the options discussed, mandated preventive benefits are fully covered. A $10,000 deductible is offered that will keep the price lower than almost every other contract.

Basic from Celtic. I think that tells you what you need to know! It’s basic and Celtic underwrites the contract. Actually, their 30% coinsurance option with a $3,500 deductible is a good value. Once again, two office visits are provided with a copay and the RX benefits are typical of this class of policy.

Comprehensive Low Cost

Copay Select from UnitedHealthOne. Unlimited covered office visits subject to a $35 copay. Above-average prescription coverage is included along with plenty of other features. By selecting higher deductible and coinsurance options, you’ll keep the price low.

Premier Plus  from Anthem. This policy was introduced in early 2009. Very flexible contract with many available riders. Solid coverage although slightly expensive when comparing to other similar plans. However, in various counties, it will actually be the most competitively-priced policy. Franklin County (Columbus) is one example. Maternity can be added, although, as expected, there would be a waiting period.

SuperMed One Elite from Medical Mutual. A “super” choice, as you may have guessed. For most everyday issues, you can pay a copay instead of a large deductible. Very complete benefits with optional dental and vision riders (Anthem and Golden Rule also offer the same option). MM is one of the few non-profit insurers in Ohio.

Although we have not listed all available options, the policies we suggested are some of the best budget Ohio health insurance plans for single or family use. You can easily find specific details regarding benefits and how to apply for coverage once you complete the quick quote process.

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