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Anthem Ohio Health Insurance Rates Could Double

Anthem Ohio health insurance rates could double…or even quadruple if  overhaul legislation is passed, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. Wellpoint Inc., the nation’s largest health insurer and parent company of Anthem ( View details here) published a report that said Buckeye State  rates would more than double for average individuals and nearly QUADRUPLE for younger healthier people. Wellpoint also said  that 70% of small businesses would also pay higher prices if the new proposed legislation is enacted.

Wellpoint derived its data from 14 states (including Ohio) that have Blue Cross plans and studied the impact of the main changes under consideration. They said rates  (view here) would increase for individuals of average age and health, with younger customers seeing the largest increases. The study did consider Senior Medicare products for persons that have reached age 65.

Currently, Ohio prices are among the lowest in the country. The Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus areas enjoy some of the lowest rates in the state. But current  reform proposals threaten to substantially increase rates, and possibly force  residents to purchase coverage they don’t want (if the “public option” is included in legislation). For example, maternity benefits are generally not needed for persons that have reached age 50. However, maternity and several other benefits may be required on future policies, which will undoubtedly raise premiums.

You can view the entire Wall Street Journal article online.


January 2012 –   So far,  rates haven’t doubled, but we may find out within the next six months. The Supreme Court will be ruling on the legality of many portions of the new health care legislation. Stay tuned!

September 2012  The Supreme Court did rule in favor of the mandate which taxes Americans if they do not purchase coverage in 2014.

May 2017 – Is Obamacare about to be repealed and replaced? The House has approved the new TrumpCare plan, but the Senate is not quite ready yet.

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2 Responses

  1. jeremy says:

    I can’t stand Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and think they are the definition of why this country is, or rather will be suffering through one of the worst periods of economic history ever.
    However Anthem is a much more respectable company as I have had dealing with them in other states.
    However the gist of this blog post is that the current health reform bill that is heading for the Senate is going to raise premiums for everyone and in some places dramatically.
    But I feel like the people that have it the worst in our country’s health care system are the 55-65 Baby Boomers. Probably about 1/3 of them couldn’t even qualify for individual health insurance and another 1/4 would pay really high rates. Another 25% simply cannot afford health insurance anyways as they pay the most.
    In New York, though an 18 year old pays the same as a 62 year old so in that state (and in other states that have mandated coverage) the system appears to be uniformly unfair though it is nicer for the Boomers.
    My point? We are screwed! Health care costs are not being addressed at all and it seems as if the bill that is being passed is being passed for the sake of passing a bill. Or for political capital.
    If you count Medicaid and Medicare we are going to have 3 Federal Health Programs that do the same thing albeit for different demographics!
    To say this is wasteful is akin to pointing out that glass houses are dangerous during hurricanes.

  2. IP says:

    You certainly deserve a round of applause for your blog in general. Very high quality material. Great site to learn about Anthem Ohio health insurance rates. That”s who I have now, but I will lose coverage next month through my employer.