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We provide the guaranteed lowest allowable rates for your 2016 Ohio Health Insurance Exchange plans. Whether you are an individual, family, self employed or uninsured, our expert guidance and experience allows you to compare and learn about the most affordable health insurance in Ohio.

We will also help you understand and calculate your free federal subsidy that can reduce your premium. Both subsidized Obamacare and non-ACA plans are available. Enrolling in a new plan takes only 10-15 minutes.

Your free quotes are the best available prices allowed by each carrier. We'll also discuss and review what impact  insurance reform (The Affordable Care Act) will have on your specific situation. While most changes have already gone into effect (such as 100% coverage on preventive services), there will be more changes between now and 2017. Some of these changes could impact your premium or benefits.

Free Quick Online Quotes

Instant online individual and family health insurance Marketplace quotes are provided by a broker/agency with more than 34 years of experience. Our free service is provided by live persons.  Inexpensive  plans are available, and we'll find them for you. We represent all of the major companies, such as Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, UnitedHealthOne, Medical Mutual, Humana, Healthspan (Kaiser), Ambetter, Premier, and Assurant. We work for you...not the insurers. And we never have and never will charge anyone any fees.

By asking for a free quote at the top of the page, quickly, you'll be able to view, compare or apply for the most affordable high-quality plans offered to consumers. These rates will be the most competitive prices in the state. You can easily compare different medical plans and apply online, by email, by fax or by mail. And once the policy is approved, we'll continue to provide our free service. We can assist you with billing, claims or administrative issues. And yes...we even provide dental quotes.

Many Affordable Plan Options

Good Ohio health insurance can be affordable. There are many plans that can fit your budget and we’ll do the research. These plans will help you when you have a claim, and contain the coverages you are likely to use. If you have pre-existing conditions, or you have been denied coverage in the past, you won't have to answer any medical questions on the application. You can not be turned down during Open Enrollment.

Catastrophic, comprehensive, self-employed and HSA health plans are all reviewed so we can properly recommend the best policy for you. And as your needs change and you and your family grow older, we'll be here to review your coverage. Customized coverage helps you minimize the cost of expensive medications and treatment, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

The Obamacare options are classified  as "Metal" policies. Platinum is the most expensive option, followed by Gold, Silver and Bronze. It is possible that all of your premium could be paid by a federal subsidy. The lower your household modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), the larger your financial aid will be. We can quickly determine if you are eligible for aid and what amount you will receive.

We'll teach you the things you should know about your policy. For example, what if you have more than a 63-day lapse in coverage? What about a 90-day lapse? Do you need a COBRA or HIPAA plan? How often should you shop around and change policies? What if I only need benefits for a few months? Are there special student plans? Is an HSA a good idea for us? We'll help you with all of these concerns and any others you may have.

Lowest Available Rates

Paying less by “purchasing direct” for some of the items we buy is often possible…but not insurance! Many Quote Services like to advertise that by “buying here direct,” you are saving money. Quite simply, this is not true. Any individual or agency in Ohio that offers insurance, must be licensed by the  Department of Insurance (ODI). No broker or Agency can offer you a “special price.” However, we still give you the choice of applying with the free help from a broker or purchasing direct.

Rates must be approved by the ODI and can not differ from one broker to another. Not even a nickle! Anyone can sell you health insurance. But medical plans are our specialty and we’ll make sure you receive the best plan for your money. We also take your right of privacy very seriously and continuously update and upgrade the security of this website. 

Ohio Health Insurance Exchange rates are just a click away. We will help you find affordable medical benefits, and make it easy to apply for a policy.  Whether you need to find on or off Marketplace coverage, we take care of the shopping so you save.