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By: is Ohio’s respected resource for affordable health insurance Exchange and reform information. But what do we do with the personal information you provide when requesting a quote? Actually, the answer is simple. Nothing! That’s right. Unlike most insurance websites you may have visited, we only share information with a working partner used to provide your quotes. We take security very seriously.

If you provide your phone number, it will not be placed on a "call list." And although you may receive an occasional email from us regarding Ohio health insurance information, you will never be placed on a spam emailing list. Also, with any email you receive, you can "opt-out" of receivinag any additional email.

There is NO advertising on this website so we can not be influenced by any insurer. We are approached a few times each week about placing advertisements throughout our content. But we don't feel it helps customers so we choose to decline all advertising requests. And it's been that way since we launched the website.

How Do I Apply For A Policy?

The process is very simple. Once you have decided which plan you want, you can apply via an online link we provide. Or, if you prefer, we will fax or email the application. Naturally, we will gladly take the time to discuss your specific needs and determine which plans would best provide the coverage you want at the most affordable rate.

If you are eligible for a tax credit through the Exchange, we will guide you through the process that ensures you receive the credit. Remember...policies are available both on and off the Marketplace.

By utilizing the quote section at the top of the page, you’ll be able to easily  compare all of the different plans. But, there will be many (about 75-100) policies to review so we can show you the most cost-effective options. There are no fees to pay and we will always be available for help as long as you have coverage. One of our unique features is that live help via email is often available until midnight!

Why Should We Apply For Coverage Through You And Not Someone Else?

As previously mentioned, our service is free and the direct Exchange rates you view on this website are the lowest allowable published prices from each company. We not only handle the application process for you, but we are your personal resource for any questions or concerns you ever have. Calculating your federal subsidy is one of the numerous free services we provide.

And since we work for you, and not anybody else, we’ll always provide unbiased information that has your best interest in mind. The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA) legislation is always followed by our website so you can stay legal and current. will find you the most affordable health care plans. We take into consideration every detail of a policy, including the coinsurance, deductible, exclusions, waiting period, rate history and value of benefits. Request a quote or call us. We’ll probably be able to help you and we have a great sense of humor too!