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Affordable Toledo health insurance can be purchased directly from our website. We represent all of the primary Ohio carriers and help you instantly compare online quotes and apply for the best options. If you need business, individual, or family medical coverage in Lucas county or the surrounding area, we find the best solutions at rates you can afford.

Rates in the Toledo area are often lower than other parts of Ohio, such as Cleveland or Akron. Possible reasons are more competitive physician charges, lower facility and hospital semi-private room charges and favorable medical malpractice premiums. And perhaps, residents are just healthier!

For the last 10 years, the lowest rates  have been traditionally been in the Columbus and Dayton areas, although the gap is getting smaller. When the State Health Exchange is available in 2014, you may notice a smaller variance in prices from one area of the state to another. And of course, no applicant can be denied for pre-existing conditions and federal tax assistance will aid many low-income earners. 

Affordable Toledo Ohio health insurance rates from Quickly find good coverage at great rates.

We also help you customize your coverage by listening to what you feel is most important, and then finding the policies that best fit your situation. By increasing your deductible, often, the premium reduces by hundreds of dollars per year. Also, by raising copays on office visits or eliminating unneeded coverages (such as maternity), rates can substantially reduce. We will show you how to find policies that give you the best deals on raising deductibles. 

For example, assuming a family of four persons, by raising the deductible, it is possible to reduce the monthly premium by more than $300. In most cases, the deductible is the least-used part of the policy. Most plans allow you to make a change at the anniversary date of the policy. However, if serious health conditions are present, a change may not be allowed.

Health Savings Accounts (More Information Here) are also a very popular option in the Toledo area. HSAs provide catastrophic and preventative coverage, along with varying degrees of office visit and prescription coverage. Premiums often are 25% less than comprehensive copay policies. Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHealthOne and Medical Mutual will have the most competitive rates.

Latest news: ProMedica, a large hospital group in the Toledo area, is now part of the Innovation Alliance Network, which is affiliated with the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. As a result of this change, it's possible that several new employment opportunities may be created in the local area.

By working together and combining their expertise, more efficient medical care can be provided at a lower cost. The new Network also includes Ohio Stare and Notre Dame Universities along with MedStar Health. Other hospitals in the are include the University Medical Center, Mercy, and Children's Hospital.