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Parma Ohio health insurance rates are very affordable compared to other parts of the country and there are many low cost options available. The cost of medical care in Cuyahoga County has historically been cheaper than other larger cities in the US. Generally, emergency-room, hospital and office visit charges in the Parma area, are less expensive than most other states in the Midwest.

Many health plans cost less than $100 per month for an individual and less than $300 per month for a family. Small-business rates are also competitive. And Ohio Exchange plans  allow you to use a federal tax credit subsidy to reduce your cost. Therefore, depending on your adjusted gross income (AGI) when you file your tax return, it's possible your net premium will be $0.

Impact Of New Legislation In Buckeye State

Laws and legislation are rapidly changing and we'll keep you updated on what impact is has on you and the type of policy that is available. Now that the State Exchange (Marketplace) is implemented, we'll give you expert guidance so you can easily pick the best option and pay the least amount of premium.

You may also be able to qualify for an instant federal tax credit, to help pay for your policy. The amount of money you receive is based on a combination of factors including household income, and its relationship to the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) guidelines. The more dependents you declare on your tax return, the bigger the federal subsidy becomes.

Cheap health insurance rates in Cleveland,Parma and many other parts of Ohio are easily available. offers you the lowest prices from all of the top insurers.

You can purchase a medical insurance plan from most of Ohio’s major insurance companies. Anthem, United HealthCare, Aetna, SummaCare, Kaiser, Humana and Medical Mutual feature a wide variety of plans available to local residents. Assurant and Celtic no longer offer individual plans, and other regional companies (such as Premier) don't have active provider networks in Cuyahoga County and the outlying area.


Short-Term Contracts


Temporary medical rates are very cheap if you need coverage less than a year. If you are simply waiting for Medicare benefits, perhaps just graduated from college or a trade school, or suddenly find yourself uninsured, a short-term policy can cover you cheaply and quickly. Benefits can be kept for up to 12 months without re-applying for a renewal policy.


Your costs are influenced by many factors. But unless a "Single-Payer" system is implemented, premiums in the Parma area should remain fairly stable for the next few years. Naturally, “Catastrophic” plans will continue to cost hundreds of dollars less than “comprehensive” plans. Community General Hospital (on Powers Blvd.) has reasonable room, surgery and procedure costs, which helps keep prices stable.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are also a popular option that allow you to reduce  costs and pay for qualified medical expenses on a tax-free basis. In the Cleveland area, Aetna, HealthSpan, and Medical Mutual offer the most competitive HSA prices. UnitedHealthcare and Anthem Blue Cross also should be considered.


Parma Health Insurance Rates


Illustrated below are monthly costs of several of the most popular plans in Cuyahoga County. The federal subsidy has automatically lowered the rate and the household consists of a married couple (both age 45) with one 15 year-old child.

$144 - Ambetter Essential Care 1 - $6,500 deductible with $20 copay on generic prescriptions.

$151 - Ambetter Essential Care 2 - $5,000 deductible with $25 copay on generic prescriptions.

$162 - CareSource Just4Me HMO - $6,500 deductible, but copays on pcp and specialist visits.

$189 - Aetna Bronze Deductible Only HSA - $6,300 deductible with 0% coinsurance.

$226 - Aetna Bronze $20 copay - $20 copay on pcp visits.

$248 - Molina Marketplace Bronze - $4,500 deductible with copays on all office visits and generic prescriptions.


Area Hospitals Covered By Provider Networks


 Parma and Cleveland health insurance covers the Cleveland Clinic. Get covered now and enroll online in a quality plan.


Cleveland Clinic (Shown Above)

Euclid Hospital

Fairview Hospital

Huron Hospital

Lakewood Hospital

Lutheran Hospital

MaryMount Hospital

MetroHealth Medical Center

University Hospitals Parma Medical Center

South Pointe Hospital

St. John Medical Center

St. Vincent Medical Center


You can view Parma quotes within minutes after providing your zip code and some other basic information. We can easily provide a customized recommendation based on your budget and benefit preferences.


Latest News:


June 2015 - 2016 rates will be released shortly from all carriers participating in the Marketplace. SummaCare, Molina, InHealth, and CareSource are four carriers that offer coverage in Cuyahoga County, along with other major companies. They will be closely watched since in other areas, many of the smaller insurers have requested large increases.

NOTE: Although the requests files with the State DOI show possible increases of up to 30%, not all policies will go up by that amount, since the full amount may not be approved.

September 2017 - 2018 rates will be increasing. Fewer carriers will be offering coverage, although a new company, Oscar, will be underwriting plans in Northestern Ohio.