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Affordable Columbus health insurance plans are available for enrollment. Compare free online quotes and choose quality single or family medical coverage either on or off the Marketplace. Franklin County offers attractive rates, large provider networks, and low-cost Customized Exchange coverage. Buckeye State Seniors can also easily shop for Medigap plans. Supplement, Advantage, and Part D prescription drug options are offered.

Small group benefits can also be provided if you own a small business (SHOP Exchange). We help you find, compare, and enroll in personal individual plans provided by the top-rated companies, such as Anthem Blue Cross,  Medical Mutual, Ambetter, Molina, Oscar, and CareSource. Humana, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Humana, and Aetna, offer many Senior, Group, short-term, dental, and vision plans.

Lowest Rates

The rates you view are guaranteed to be the lowest available prices (It's illegal to quote higher rates) from the most respected licensed carriers. There are no costs or fees when you review plan options or apply for coverage. Whether your existing policy is being terminated, or you are enrolling for coverage for the first time, our experience and expert advice (37 years) will save you money.

But just as importantly, we believe you should be able to maximize your benefits, so we take the time to insure your policy is the perfect fit. We also  keep you updated on any significant changes to premiums, policies or federal legislation. It's not unusual for plans to become discontinued, forcing you to enroll in new coverage. For example, as President Trump's healthcare initiatives become available, we publish reviews, plan descriptions, and of course, rates.

Seniors covered by Medicare benefits are not eligible for federal instant tax credits or Marketplace plans. However, there are many low-cost Medigap and Medicare Advantage options that can potentially reduce total healthcare costs, including premiums for coverage.  Upon request, we provide a comprehensive comparison of multiple top-rated carriers. Some of the popular companies include AARP (UnitedHealthcare), Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Transamerica, Central States, Humana, Equitable, Gerber, United American, Medical Mutual, Cigna, and Medico.


Impact Of Obamacare In Ohio

Columbus Ohio healthinsurance rates from top carriers. Get covered as cheaply as possible for quality healthcare.

Five years ago, the Affordable Care Act (ACA Legislation) started to reduce your premium with financial subsidies in the form of instant tax credits. Depending on your MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income), you may be eligible for up to $12,000 ($1,000 per month) of assistance. During Open Enrollment (November 1 to December 15th), you project your household income for the following year, which determines your subsidy. Don't worry! We will calculate it for you.

If you forgot to sign up, an SEP (Special Enrollment Period) may allow you to apply for a plan without waiting for the next Open Enrollment period. If you don't qualify for an SEP, additional options are provided that will cover you for the remainder of the calendar year. NOTE: Currently, Premier, HealthSpan, and SummaCare do not offer Marketplace plans in Central Ohio. We always provide details of plans and rates from all participating companies. More carriers are expected to offer coverage in Franklin County in 2020.


Franklin County Prices Are Low Compared To Other Areas In The State


Medical plans in Columbus are extremely economical, compared to other parts of the state. In the Franklin County area, The cost of treatment, including office visits and hospital visits, has historically cost less than other large  cities. Current premiums are about 20% less than similar coverage in the Toledo, Akron/Canton and Cleveland areas. Franklin County rates are also less expensive than the Cincinnati area.

CareSource, Oscar, and Medical Mutual offer some of their lowest premiums in this part of the state.  Reasons include lower doctor visit costs, lower room-rates for hospital stays and better malpractice insurance rates for physicians. As you move towards the North, premiums start to gradually incraese.

Some of the most efficient and state-of-the-art hospitals are located in the area, which helps provide excellent care for patients. The list of hospitals include the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Grant Medical Center, Riverside Methodist, Mount Carmel West, Mount Carmel St. Anns, Nationwide Children's, and the James Cancer Center. And many of their ancillary facilities are also very cost-conscious. A more comprehensive listing of area hospitals can be found here.

Cheap Healthcare Columbus Ohio


Health Insurance Rates In Columbus (2019)


Shown below are several common scenarios that illustrate the least expensive monthly rates from the most popular carriers and plans. The federal subsidy (if applicable) has been applied and several different zip codes (all within Franklin County) have been used.


Example 1 - Zip code 43228. Single 30 year-old with $24,000 income

$37 - Oscar Simple Bronze 

$43 - Oscar Classic Bronze.

$55 - Oscar Saver Bronze

$61 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900

$72 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA


Example 2 - Zip code 43230. Single 40 year-old with $32,000 income

$131 - Oscar Simple Bronze 

$138 - Oscar Classic Bronze.

$151 - Oscar Saver Bronze

$157 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900

$170 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA


Example 3 - Zip code 43207. Married 47 year-old couple and two children with $65,000 income

$91 - Oscar Simple Bronze 

$117 - Oscar Classic Bronze.

$164 - Oscar Saver Bronze

$189 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900

$235 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA


Example 4 - Zip code 43016. Married 50 year-old couple and three children with $70,000 income

$50 - Oscar Simple Bronze 

$83 - Oscar Classic Bronze.

$144 - Oscar Saver Bronze

$176 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900

$234 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA


Example 5 - Zip code 43065 (Delaware County). Single 50 year-old with $32,000 income 

$90 - Oscar Simple Bronze 

$99 - Oscar Classic Bronze.

$118 - Oscar Saver Bronze

$127 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900

$145 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6750 HSA


 Health Savings Account plans are very affordable in Franklin County and Columbus, Ohio. Aetna, Medical Mutual and other carriers feature great options.


HSA (Health Savings Account) Plans In Franklin And Surrounding Counties


Health Savings Account (HSA) rates are also very attractive. If you are healthy, and have very few medical claims, an HSA may be worth considering. Rates will vary depending on many factors, including your age, requested deductible, tobacco usage, and county of residence. Medical Mutual, Anthem and UHC  currently offer the best HSA rates in the middle of the state. The most popular deductibles are between $4,000 and $6,400. Shown below are the most competitive HSA plan options:

Medical Mutual Market HMO 6400 HSA

CareSource HSA Bronze

Medical Mutual Market HMO 5250 HSA

Medical Mutual Market HMO 4000 HSA



Senior Medicare Plans In Columbus And The Franklin County Area


Medicare Supplement Monthly Rates (Premiums based on 65-Year-Old Non-Smoking Female)


Plan A

$77 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$88 - Humana

$88 - CSI Life

$92 - Aetna

$94 - Transamerica

$99 - Anthem BCBS

$106 - Greek Catholic Union

$114 - Cigna

$121 - Medico

$130 - Philadelphia American

$152 - Oxford Life

$154 - Gerber


Plan C

$121 - Greek Catholic Union

$133 - United World Life

$145 - CSI Life

$147 - AARP - UnitedHealthcare

$176 - Oxford Life

$194 - Philadelphia American


Plan F

$125 - Aetna

$128 - Anthem BCBS

$131 - Greek Catholic Union

$141 - Cigna

$144 - Humana

$146 - United World Life

$148 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$158 - Transamerica


Since we're located just East of Columbus, we're very familiar with which specific policies and coverages would be best for you. Need coverage for only a few months? We'll find the best options. Do you want a long-term policy? We'll show you the most affordable plans. Are you uninsured or do you have serious health conditions? We will find the most cost-effective solution and your pre-existing conditions will be covered.

We give you the choice of using our quote engine to compare free quotes or allowing us to help you. Either way, if you live here in the Buckeye state, we're confident you'll find many affordable options.