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Affordable health insurance in Cleveland can be purchased directly from our website in minutes. Compare multiple carriers and choose single and family plans that provide comprehensive benefits at a surprisingly low cost. Ohio medical coverage is offered by many top-rated companies. Senior Medigap plans are available to applicants that are eligible for Medicare.

With or without the help of federal tax subsidies, we show you the lowest direct rates from all of the available companies. Whether you live in Cuyahoga County, Shaker Heights, Beachwood, Cleveland Heights, or the surrounding area, there are affordable options for persons under age 65 and Seniors.


Available Companies

We provide the lowest prices offered from all of the major  carriers. No other person, website or Exchange can legally offer a lower premium since plans are regulated to protect consumers. Companies available for persons under age 65 are  Ambetter (Buckeye Health), Medical Mutual,   Molina, Oscar, and CareSource. Anthem, UnitedHealthcare (see below), Aetna, and Humana offer Group plans for small and large businesses, but not private coverage. InHealth and HealthSpan have exited the Buckeye State market.

Additional carriers that offer non-compliant short-term plans are HCC Life, National General, and IAC Group. Along with UnitedHealthcare, these companies offer the most competitive temporary contracts that can be used if you need benefits for up to 12 months. However, expenses resulting from existing conditions are not covered and federal subsidies are not applicable. Also, often maximum covered expenses are capped at $1 million, and a deductible may apply to preventative expenses.

Carriers that offer Senior Medicare Supplement products in the Buckeye State include AARP-UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Anthem BCBS, Aultcare, Cigna, Equitable, Gerber, Globe, Humana, Manhattan Life, Medical Mutual, Medico, Oxford Life, Paramount, Pekin Life, Reserve National, Shenandoah Life, State Farm, Summa, Thrivent, Transamerica, United American, and USAA.

Companies underwriting Medicare Advantage plans in Cuyahoga County include Advantra, Aetna, Allwell, Anthem BCBS, Buckeye Health, CareSource, Gateway, Humana, Medical Mutual, Paramount, SummaCare, and UnitedHealthcare.

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Ohio Health Insurance Marketplace

The Ohio State Exchange (Marketplace) has been operational since late 2013 and Open Enrollment occurs every year. For 2019 coverage, the OE period was from November 1  through December 15th. However, you can obtain medical coverage at any time throughout the year if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) exemption. The Administration's new healthcare legislation and changes (if approved) will be implemented sometime in 2020.

After you view a customized and personal quote on our website, you can enroll in a plan in less than 15 minutes. We help  determine if you are eligible for a federal subsidy, and also calculate the amount that can be directly applied to reduce your rate. If you are Medicaid or Medicare-eligible, we'll help you obtain the benefits you are entitled to.

Since the subsidy (only for persons under age 65) is treated as an "instant" tax credit, it immediately reduces your premium. Dependents in your household that are covered through other policies will still  be counted, and will increase the amount of your subsidy. Also, a spouse that is Medicare-eligible will generate additional financial aid for other members of the household. NOTE: Dependents that file their own tax returns can not be considered in your financial aid calculation. You can also choose a policy that receives no state or federal subsidies.



In some situations, COSE (Council Of Smaller Enterprises) can help small business owners with Worker's Compensation issues and selecting a plan. With more than four decades of experience and more than 10,000 active members, they can offer recommendations regarding legislation changes, becoming involved in community events, and promoting your company to other consumers and business owners.

COSE partners with Medical Mutual to offer small and large group coverage. You can customize benefits to match the budget of both the worker and business owner. Stand-alone coverage can be selected along with several additional benefits (dental, vision, life, wellness, and disability). Three different types of savings accounts are also available (HSA, HRA, and FSA). A self-insured benefit option is also available, along with weight-management and smoking cessation programs.

Ask us about COSE and whether you can benefit by any of their products. They are located on Huron Avenue and service the entire area. There are many local events that may help increase your client base. Each year they host their "Business Pitch Competition" which awards prize money to the best entries. However, if you need individual and family coverage, utilizing our website is still the best option.


Cuyahoga County

Health insurance rates in Cleveland are actually fairly low. Many top-rated companies offer low-cost individual medical coverage.

Cuyahoga County is part of "rating area 11," which consists of four other counties (Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake and Lorain). There are many similar areas in the state, and if you move to a different area, you may be eligible to re-enroll in a different plan since your local provider network may have changed. Prices are likely to be different and some companies (such as SummaCare) may not offer policies in that area. Rates in nearby areas can vary. For example, Rates in Wadsworth, Strongsville, and Solon, may be different than prices in Hudson, Euclid, or Elyria.


Types Of Available Plans

Cleveland health insurance plans include short-term, catastrophic, comprehensive and HSA policies, and rates can substantially vary, depending on the available benefits. While we feel it is important to ensure that your benefits match your needs, we believe it is equally important to avoid paying for benefits you will never use.

If you need to secure a policy quickly (within the next few days), we will recommend a policy that substantially reduces the rate, and allows you to keep coverage only as long as you need. Currently,  UnitedHealthcare offers the lowest short-term health insurance rates.

During Open Enrollment, and SEP periods throughout the year, you can choose more comprehensive plans, although next-day coverage may not be available. Typically, the effective date can be the first day of the month following your application date (assuming it is before the 15th of the month).

Temporary policies (earlier mentioned) work best if you have missed Open Enrollment, or are waiting for new benefits to begin, but have a short gap that needs to be filled. Whether you're waiting for Open Enrollment for Exchange benefits, qualify for Medicare, or enroll in a student medical plan, these types of contracts can be both quickly approved and terminated when you don't need it.


The Most Affordable 2019 Plans - Examples

It is possible to obtain reasonable rates in Cuyahoga county or any other part of the state. Raising the deductible on the hospital/surgical portion of the policy can save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. Increasing copay amounts of office visits and prescriptions can also save significant amounts of premium dollars.

We help you spend less on your medical coverage in Ohio so more money goes in  your pocket. See the most affordable policies and apply in minutes.


Listed below are current monthly rates for several different Cuyahoga County households:


Married couple (Both ages 55) with household income of $37,000.

$9 - CareSource Marketplace Bronze - $35 pcp office visit copay and $30 generic drug copay ($75 for 90-day mail order). Deductible is $7,400. 

$70 - CareSource Marketplace HSA Bronze - HSA-eligible plan. Deductible is $5,200. 

$155 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900 - $50 pcp office visit copay for the first three visits. Deductible is $7,900.


30-year-old with household income of $24,000.

$72 - CareSource Marketplace Bronze - See policy coverage above. 

$88- CareSource Marketplace HSA Bronze - See policy coverage above. 

$110 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7900 - See policy coverage above. 

$121- Market HMO 6750 HSA - HSA-eligible plan. Deductible is $6,750 

$125 - Ambetter Balanced Care 11 - $7 and $10 copays with $0 deductible. Urgent Care copay is $10. Generic and preferred brand drug copays are $7 and $30.


45-year-old married coupleand one child (3 persons) with household income of $50,000.

$72 - CareSource Bronze - See policy coverage above. 

$145 - Molina Marketplace Bronze - See policy coverage above.

$181 - Molina Marketplace Options Bronze - See policy coverage above.

$181 - CareSource HSA Bronze - See policy coverage above.  

$215 - CareSource Federal Simple Choice Bronze - See policy coverage above.



HSA Plans 

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are also an option worth considering if preventative and catastrophic coverages are your main priorities.  HSA rates will vary greatly, depending on the deductible and carrier. This type of plan must be classified as an HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) to enjoy all of the tax advantages and deductibility features. Also, if you receive "cost-sharing" from your Silver-tier plan, you may invalidate some of the main features of the contract. Policyowners that become eligible for Medicare can utilize accumulated funds to pay for qualified out-of-pocket expenses. But contributions can no longer be deposited.

Sample HSA monthly rates are shown below. Prices are based on a married couple (both persons age 55) with $45,000 household income. 

$152 - CareSource HSA Bronze

$280 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6400 HSA NE Ohio

$339 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 5250 HSA NE Ohio

$430 - Oscar Saver Bronze HSA-Compatible EPO

$759 - Oscar Saver Silver HSA-Compatible EPO


Cleveland Senior Medigap Options


Medicare Supplement

Rates shown below are based on a 65 year-old male residing in Cuyahoga County. Female rates are often lower. Estimated prices are regularly updated. Companies typically do not offer all available plans.


Plan C

$145 - AARP - UnitedHealthcare

$170 - Greek Catholic Union

$171 - United World Life

$182 - Shenandoah Life

$184 - Manhattan Life

$190 - Individual Assurance

$206 - American Retirement Life

$215 - Central States

$216 - Oxford Life

$217 - Philadelphia American Life

$234 - CSI Life

$251 - United American

$273 - Gerber

$307 - American Retirement Life


Plan F

$137 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$154 - Cigna

$158 - Medico

$162 - New Era Life

$172 - Greek Catholic Union

$172 - Companion Life

$178 - Combined Insurance

$180 - Transamerica

$184 - Shenandoah Life

$185 - Manhattan Life

$188 - United World Life

$190 - American Retirement Life

$191 - Humana

$198 - Central States

$211 - CSI LIfe

$245 - Pekin Life

$261 - Gerber

$264 - United American

$266 - Equitable


Plan F (High Deductible)

$38 - United American

$44 - New Era Life

$47 - Cigna

$47 - Medico

$60 - Humana

$62 - United World Life

$86 - Pekin Life


Plan G

$120 - Medico

$121 - Transamerica

$122 - Liberty National Life

$123 - Equitable National Life

$124 -AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$125 - New Era Life

$127 - Humana

$132 - Cigna

$133 - Individual Assurance

$134 - Oxford Life

$135 - Guarantee Trust Life

$140 - Greek Catholic Union

$141 - Aetna

$142 - Manhattan Life

$143 - Shenandoah Life

$148 - Companion Life

$157 - Thrivent

$166 - Central States

$167 - CSI Life

$169 - American Retirement Life

$171 - Equitable Life

$189 - Pekin Life

$206 - United American

$220 - Gerber Life


Plan N

$95 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$102 - Transamerica

$108 - Greek Catholic Union

$109 - Cigna

$112 - Medico

$113 - Shenandoah Life

$113 - Manhattan Life

$117 - Individual Assurance

$117 - Humana

$120 - American Retirement Life

$121 - Central States

$126 - United World Life

$132 - Combined Insurance

$134 - CSI Life

$147 - Philadelphia American Life

$166 - Equitable

$171 - Oxford Life

$183 - United American


Medicare Advantage Plans (Cuyahoga County)

More than 50 policies are available to consumers. Rates, deductibles, benefits, out-of-pocket expenses, and prescription drug coverage will vary, depending on the carrier and contract. Listed below are several popular options.

AARP MedicareComplete Plan 7 HMO H5253-049-0 - Monthly rate is $0, with $255 deductible and $10 and $45 office visit copays. The inpatient hospital copay is $340 for the first 5 days. The Urgent Care and ER copays are $30-$40 and $80. Diagnostic tests and outpatient x-rays are subject to $2 and $9 copays. Foot, vision, and hearing exams are covered with copays. 30-day preferred pharmacy drug copays are $3 (preferred generic), $12 (generic), $47 (preferred brand), and $100 (non-preferred).

Advantra Silver PPO H1608-029-0 - Monthly rate is $0, with $95 deductible and $10 and $30 office visit copays. The inpatient hospital copay is $350 for the first 5 days. The Urgent Care and ER copays are $10-$65 and $80. Diagnostic tests and outpatient x-rays are subject to $20 and $50 copays. Foot, vision, and hearing exams are covered with copays. 30-day preferred pharmacy drug copays are $2 (preferred generic), $5 (generic), $42 (preferred brand), and $100 (non-preferred).

Aetna Medicare Value Plan HMO H3931-107-0 - Monthly rate is $0, with $75 deductible and $15 and $40 office visit copays. The inpatient hospital copay is $350 for the first 5 days. The Urgent Care and ER copays are $15-$65 and $80. Diagnostic tests and outpatient x-rays are subject to $45 and $50 copays. Hearing exams are covered with a $40 copay. 30-day preferred pharmacy drug copays are $2 (preferred generic), $5 (generic), $42 (preferred brand), and $100 (non-preferred).



We'll help you find the most suitable options so you will be able to view, compare and apply for high quality healthcare coverage. We are "live" persons (Hopefully, we are!) with more than three decades of experience waiting to help. In addition, to giving you lifetime personal service, our quotes are always the lowest available by each carrier. Please feel free to call us any time at (888) 513 6446.

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