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Cincinnati Health Insurance Rates - Individual And Family

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Get affordable Cincinnati health insurance coverage in minutes. We help you find all of the top companies in the Hamilton County area and their best low-cost Marketplace plans. The quotes that we provide are always the direct rates published by each insurer. You can either purchase coverage "direct" or with help. Queen City Exchange personal plans are often 30%-55% less expensive than Ohio group policies.


Ohio Health Marketplace Plans

You can also reduce your premium if you qualify for a federal tax subsidy that is automatically deducted from your rate. Depending on how many persons are to be covered, and your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), the savings could be substantial. The Obamacare subsidy could potentially pay your entire premium. You can also choose to enroll in a plan that is not subsidized, and there are many low-cost options in Southwestern Ohio.

Also available are policies that are "off" the Marketplace and do not utilize subsidies to change the premium. Often, the number of available physicians and hospitals is higher when enrolling in this type of policy. For example, the Cleveland Clinic and Bethesda North Hospital (pictured below) are sometimes considered "in-network" for many unsubsidized policies, but not available (other than an emergency) for Exchange coverage.

Cincinnati Ohio Area Hospitals


Open Enrollment

During Open Enrollment, the federal subsidy is applied to the price of each Marketplace plan. "Catastrophic"  policies, which are available to any applicant under age 30, are the only options that can not receive federal aid. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze policies are fully-eligible. Non-compliant plans (short-term and indemnity) are often less-expensive options, but typically don't provide unlimited benefits or fully cover pre-existing conditions. Also, depending on the company, network negotiated repricing may not provide as much savings as Exchange contracts.

NOTE: If you are over age 30 and qualify for "financial hardship," you may be able to enroll in a catastrophic contract. However, often, a Bronze-tier plan will cost the same (or less), and may be a more suitable choice. The only available "catastrophic" policiy is:

Medical Mutual Market Young Adult Essentials - Three pcp and mental health office visits are provided with a $40 copay. Additional visits must meet deductible. Policy deductible is $7,350 and coinsurance is 0%. Urgent Care, ER, and prescription drugs must also meet deductible.


Many Exchange policies utilize different provider networks than past traditional plans. Generally, the new networks are thinner, and don't include as many physicians, specialists or medical facilities. Therefore, it's important to verify (in advance) that your own doctors will continue to give you their negotiated discounted prices.

You can also purchase policies if you miss Open Enrollment. Many of the top-rated companies (UnitedHealthcare and others) offer plans that are designed to provide benefits until you are eligible for the next Open Enrollment. Although some features are not available (maternity, for example), the cost is very low and a policy can be issued the same day you apply.


Companies Offering Coverage

Several of the larger Ohio companies offer inexpensive options in the area. These carriers include  Ambetter, CareSource, Medical Mutual, and Molina. Oscar and SummaCare are very reputable companies but don't have active networks in the southern part of the state. Premier, should be considered only if you live North of the I-270 Interchange (off I-75) and need Senior benefits.

Kaiser Permanente sold its block of business in the northern part of the state to Catholic Health Partners. Regulatory approval was given and HealthSpan Partners was created to offer private policies. More than 75,000 members made the transition to their new provider with the main service area in the Western and Southern portion of the state. However, HealthSpan ceased writing private plans, so policyholders renewed their policies with different companies.

A new healthcare player in Ohio is Catholic Health Partners. They are a consumer-driven company that is one of the largest providers in the US.

Catholic Health Partners (CHP) (now called Mercy Health) maintains a big presence in Hamilton and surrounding counties and also previously purchased a portion of SummaCare's block of business. CHP is considered a very consumer-friendly organization and is a very well-respected entity in the medical care business. When HealthSpan stopped writing plans, Medical Mutual acquired the block of business.


Hamilton And Surrounding Counties

Rates in Hamilton County tend to be lower than areas in the Northern portion of the state. Some of the lower-cost counties in the  area include Hamilton, Warren, Clermont and Butler. Other surrounding counties also enjoy low rates, including Clinton, Brown, Montgomery and Highland.

A typical medical plan in Southwestern Ohio will cost approximately 10%-20% less than similar policies in the Akron, Toledo and Cleveland areas. However, the cost of a plan in the Columbus area is typically similar to rates in this area. Northern Kentucky residents (including Boone, Kenton, Campbell, Gallatin, Carroll, and Trimble counties), often work in Hamilton County. However, plan availability is based on county and state of residence, so only Kentucky plans are offered.

Recently, Medical Mutual rates have become extremely competitive in Hamilton County. Here you can review their HSA plans which are among their most popular policies. As a non-profit company, MM seems to be able to constantly (almost every year) offering popular policy options to both individuals and small businesses. They also include the Cleveland Clinic in their provider network.

Ohio Gurantee Issue health insurance available with Open Enrollment. Visit for easy application process.

Reasons for more favorable prices in these areas include lower office visit, specialist and diagnostic testing charges, reduced hospital costs and less medical claims in recent years. For example, a family of four in the Cincinnati area can often pay  $2000 less per year than a similar family in a neighboring state (such as Indiana or Kentucky).

Insurers in our state are able to negotiate lower costs and the savings is passed to you. Compared to other large Midwestern cities, such as Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis and St. Louis, you'll find local rates to be substantially lower from every company. Although the Affordable Care Act legislation has closed the gap, typically, if you move out of Ohio, expect your premiums to increase.


The Under-65 Exchange

The Exchange (we have discussed this extensively on other pages and in our blog) has offered additional choices for many persons buying their own plans. You may want to let us guide you through a very complex quoting and application process.

Although nobody can be turned down, there are many changes from past years, including the federal tax subsidies, special taxes on medical devices and persons that don't purchase qualified coverage, and a framework of options called "metal" plans. We'll help you find the best plan, and also easily enroll for coverage, so you can avoid the confusion of the federal website. 

Other factors that influence  rates include age, smoking status, household income, and where you live. As an experienced local broker since 1980, We research and compare the most affordable options for you. We also believe it is important to consider only the major "A" rated companies and avoid any type of "medical discount" plan.


The Cheapest Health Insurance In Cincinnati

Rates for most single and family households are typically lower than prices from several years ago. We listed several  examples below. Rates shown are monthly.


Two adults (ages 40) and one child (age 15) with combined household income of $44,000.

$50 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7350 - $50 pcp office visit copay for first three visits. $7,350 deductible.

$56 - Molina Marketplace Bronze - $35 pcp office visit copay and $6,400 deductible. $20 and $60 copays for generic and preferred brand drugs.

$91 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6400 HSA - HSA-eligible plan with $6,400 deductible and 0% coinsurance.

$93 - Molina Marketplace Options Bronze - $35 and $75 office visit copays. $6,650 deductible with $35 generic drug copay.

$102 - Caresource Bronze - $30 pcp office visit copay and $7,250 deductible. $25 generic drug copay ($62.50 mail-order).

$193 - Ambetter Balanced Care 5 - $20 and $45 office visit copays. $5,350 deductible with $20 and $50 copays for generic and preferred brand drugs ($60 and $150 mail-order).

$252 - Ambetter Balanced Care 2 - $25 and $50 office visit copays. $5,000 deductible with $15 and $50 copays for generic and preferred brand drugs ($45 and $150 mail-order).


30 year-old with household income of $25,000.

$70 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 7350 - See benefits above.

$72 - Molina Marketplace Bronze - See benefits above.

$84 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 6400 HSA - See benefits above.

$84 - Molina Marketplace Options Bronze - See benefits above.

$87 - Caresource Bronze - See benefits above.

$99 - Medical Mutual Market HMO 5250 HSA - HSA-eligible plan with $5,250 deductible maximum out-of-pocket expenses of $6,650.

$118 - Ambetter Balanced Care 5 - $20 and $45 office visit copays. $5,350 deductible with $20 and $50 copays for generic and preferred brand drugs ($60 and $150 mail-order).


Your free quote only includes the most reputable companies that offer a wide range of policy options. Although fewer carriers now participate in the Marketplace (Under age-65), additional carriers may be offering private plans in SW Ohio within the next two years.

Unlike many online services, we never charge any fee for our services. The quotes are free, our advice is completely unbiased and always based on current information, and the application process is much quicker than you expect.


Medigap Coverage For Seniors In The Cincinnati Area


Medicare Supplement Plans

Shown below are current monthly prices for a non-smoking 65 year-old male. Although we update prices weekly, occasionally, actual rates may slightly differ. Also, female rates are generally lower than male rates. Not all available plans or carriers are shown.


Plan C 

$145 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$148 - United World Life

$158 - Greek Catholic Union

$167 - Manhattan Life

$174 - Shenandoah Life

$181 - Individual Assurance

$193 - Central States

$195 - Philadelphia American Life

$197 - CSI Life

$199 - Oxford Life

$228 - United American

$250 - Gerber


Plan F (High Deductible)

$34 - United American

$39 - New Era Life

$44 - Cigna

$44 - Medico

$53 - United World Life

55 - Humana

$74 - Aetna

75 - Pekin Life


Plan F

$137 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

145 - Cigna

$146 - New Era Life

$148 - Medico

$156 - Companion Life

$160 - Greek Catholic Union

$162 - Combined Insurance

$163 - United World

$165 - Transamerica

$167 - Manhattan Life

$174 - Humana

$176 - Shenandoah Life

$177 - CSI Life

$179 - Central States

$181 - American Retirement Life

$213 - Pekin Life

$234 - Equitable

$239 - United American

$240 - Gerber


Plan N

$93 - Transamerica

$95 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$101 - Greek Catholic Union

$103 - Cigna

$103 - Manhattan Life

$105 - Medico

$106 - Humana

$108 - Shenandoah Life

$109 - Central States

$109 - United World Life

$112 - CSI Life

$115 - American Retirement Life

$121 - Combined Insurance

$132 - Philadelphia American Life

$146 - Equitable

$158 - Oxford Life

$166 - United American


And...for your entertainment...we made a YouTube video about medical insurance in the Cincinnati area.