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The best health insurance website in Ohio is ours! The awards and recognition keep coming. Get free online quotes, quick comparisons of the cheapest plans, and a simplified enrollment process. Purchasing individual and family Exchange medical coverage has never been easier. Off-Marketplace plans are also offered.

You also have access to helpful tools and healthcare reform guides that easily explain differences in cost and benefits between all of the available Marketplace policies.

So how do we do it? What makes this website so different than the others? And how do we maintain our top rating every year? Actually, there are many reasons and here are a few:



Quite simply, the rates you see on this website are always the lowest possible prices that are offered by all of the reputable companies in the state. There are no exceptions. Regardless of whether it is a short-term plan from Anthem or Medical Mutual, an HSA from UnitedHealthOne or Aetna, or comprehensive coverage from Humana, SummaCare, or Molina, we always quote the best available premiums.

And these are the same direct rates charged by the carriers themselves. They also mirror any offered rate through the federal government healthcare website. However, consumers overwhelmingly prefer to apply for coverage on our website, because of speed, streamlined enrollment, and easy access to accurate local advice. There are never any enrollment fees, and our expert guidance is available 24/7.

Although Open Enrollment usually starts in November (and runs for three months), we offer policies all 12 months of the year. Federal subsidized coverage is offered to most applicants and special enrollment periods (SEP) provide extra times to purchase coverage. We have eliminated the majority of the time that was previoulsy required to enroll. It's now quick and easy. And quite painless too!

Get great service and unbeatbale Ohio health insurance rtaes from the top website. is the only resource you'll ever need!


This is important. Anybody can show you a list of carriers with their rates. But we have more experience (33 years!) than the vast majority of other brokers or websites. We ask a lot of questions so we understand the exact type of coverage you need, and which plans will give you the largest tax subsidy (if available) and lowest premium.

We can then research and compare hundreds of policies and customize a recommendation that perfectly matches your needs at at an affordable rate. However, you can also handle the comparison and buying process yourself, and use one of our provided links to apply directly with the carrier. You will still receive the most competitive prices.

But the service doesn't end after you purchase a policy. Any time you need help with understanding benefits, a claim, a billing issue or anything else, simply call us. Or email us. If it's before midnight, you'll probably get a LIVE email back, not an automated response.

Very easy application and enrollment process. We understand that each person may prefer to apply for coverage differently. If you need our help, we're here. If you want to view your options and apply directly without our assistance, that's available, even if you need our help after you have submitted the application. You can apply online, by fax or through email. Yes, we really do make it easy for you to buy health insurance!


Or perhaps we should say "lack of bias. Unlike a direct company website that offers you coverage from only one single carrier, we represent all of the top carriers. If Anthem is the best option for you, that's who we'll recommend. If it's Medical Mutual, we'll let you know.

Sometimes two or three companies might have great choices for you. But there may be small details that are not easily noticed. We will make sure you understand the differences. Regardless, we'll never forget who comes first - you, the customer.

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Only Ohio

You may notice that this entire website is devoted to Ohio health insurance. Whether we're researching rates, companies, networks, policy changes, HSA options or impacts of the Exchange...there's one common theme. Frankly, we don't care about rates in Virginia or what the pre-existing clause in Oklahoma doesn't cover. Many other websites devote time and money to states that don't help you. We do not do that. We focus on prices and events here at home.

We care about medical coverage in the Buckeye state! So, naturally, all of our time is spent on making this website user-friendly to individuals, families and small business owners who live here and need health insurance. We can't think of a better place to go.


Of course, we don't know everything, but with more than three decades of experience, we don't just answer questions. We explain, in detail, why certain plans are recommended, and what research has been used to justify our answers. We utilize every available tool, including modern software along with established resources including the Department Of Insurance.

The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange. In 2014, medical plans may be purchased through state "Exchanges." Plan details will change along with the entire application process. It will be critical to have an experienced team of experts in your corner to make sure you are matched with the right plan, and receive the appropriate tax credits, if you are eligible.

We are more prepared than any other resource for that challenge, and we will continue our leadership position in the industry. Enrolling through our website will save time and frustration compared to the government-run website that has experienced so many problems and delays.

Live Help

While we utilize an automated quote engine to make sure you are always receiving the lowest cost, live help is often available late in the evening. We understand that sometimes it may be nine o'clock or later in the evening when you have time to research your options. On most nights, as previously mentioned, we'll answer your email (LIVE) until midnight!

"The best coverage at the lowest price" is how we are described by many of our online reviews. Whether you need an Exchange plan, short-term coverage or small business benefits, we have the expertise to help you find and enroll in the most affordable health insurance plans in Ohio.