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Anthem Ohio health insurance quotes are available on our website at the  lowest direct rates provided by the insurer. Anthem Blue Cross individual, small business and family  policies include catastrophic plans, comprehensive plans and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

You can enroll for plans that are both on and off the Marketplace. In most parts of the state, prices are quite competitive when compared to the other large companies. We assist you in finding the right coverage that stays within your budget.

Applying For Coverage

Applications are not underwritten (short-term plans are an exception) so medical questions are not required to be answered. A physical is not needed and no fees are charged. Usually, the underwriting process takes between 5-10 days and a notification of the offer is provided in writing.

You do NOT have to accept the offer. And with most submitted applications, you don't have to pay any money upfront. Typically, the final price matches to original quoted premium. The main reasons for any variance are  that a birthday occurred after the application date or the federal subsidy was changed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

As of 2014 (The first-ever Open Enrollment began in October 2013), you can also use our website to purchase an "Exchange" policy, instead of a plan that you may already have. Or, if you are not insured, since it is now required by federal law, you can buy an inexpensive option that will keep your costs down. Pre-existing conditions will not be treated any differently than any other new illness or injury.

The Anthem “SmartSense” plan allowed (as in past tense!) three office visits per year (per person) subject to a $35 copay and was a popular economical option prior to the passage of the "Affordable Care Act." However, a new portfolio of Ohio Anthem BCBS compliant plans have been created that replace the "SmartSense" contract and offer more comprehensive benefits, while still remaining affordable to Buckeye residents.

Least Expensive 2015 Anthem Blue Cross Plans In Ohio

Although the previously-mentioned "SmartSense" contract is gone, there are several affordable single/family policies offered with or without a federal subsidy. Each policy covers the mandatory required 10 Essential Health Benefits and will satisfy the mandatory coverage requirements of the Obamacare legislation.

Catastrophic Option

Pathway X PPO 6600 0 - Cheapest  BCBS policy in the state features a $6,600 deductible with no additional coinsurance. Since it is a Catastrophic-tier plan, you must be under age 30 to enroll. The network used is the Pathway X Tiered Hospital. If a specialist is needed, you do not need a referral.

The first three primary care visits are included with a $40 copay. However, each subsequent visit is subject to the deductible, although your doctor may apply a pre-negotiated discount to reduce your cost. Prescription benefits are included but like most major medical expenses, must first meet the deductible.


Bronze Metal Options


Pathway X PPO O For HSA - Inexpensive HSA-eligble Bronze-tier option. $6,000 deductible ($6,400 maximum out-of-pocket maximum expense). 0% coinsurance although there is a $350 copay per hospital admission.

Mental and behavioral inpatient services along with substance abuse (both inpatient and outpatient) are also subject to the $350 copay. If you have an existing HSA account, it may used to pay qualified medical, vision, and dental expenses, even if it was previously utilized with another company.

Pathway X PPO 5000 30 - $5,000 deductible with $45 copay on first two non-preventive office visits. Specialist visits to a chiropractor are covered although acupuncture is excluded. 30% coinsurance.

Pathway X PPO 6400 20 - $6,400 deductible with $50 (instead of $45) copays on first two non-preventive office visits. Tier 1 and 2 prescriptions (generic and preferred/formulary) are subject to copays instead of having to met large deductible.


Silver Metal Options


Pathway X PPO 3500 25 - $3,500 deductible since it is a Silver-tier policy. The primary care physician copay is only $20 and generic drugs are subject to a low $10 copay.

Pathway X PPO 2000 15 - Lower $2,000 deductible with copays on both generic and brand prescriptions ($15 and $40).


Gold Metal Options


Pathway X PPO 1250 10 - Very low $1,250 deductible with $30 pcp copay. However, "cost-sharing" is not available (only offered on "Silver" plans), so if you qualify for a subsidy, Gold-tier contracts may not be the best option.


 Cheap dental insurance plans in Ohio. Comprehensive and preventive benefits at an affordable rate.


A dental rider can also be added for a moderate price. Checkups and X-rays are usually covered with little out of pocket cost. Larger expenses such as root canal or extractions will have a waiting period and higher out of pocket cost. The premium is about $24 per month, depending on which option you select. Dental Blue Basic 100 is a low-cost option that focuses on cleanings. The Blue Essential 100 and 200 policies provide a much broader coverage, especially for more expensive claims. You can view additional Ohio dental information here.

As an independent trusted broker, I review all of the major Ohio health plans, and only recommend the policies(s) that provide you with maximum coverage at a premium that meets your own budget. Anthem rates are not the same in all areas of the state so we'll do all of the research for you to help find your best options.

The advantage of using our services vs. "going direct," is that we compare all of the carriers, not just one. Therefore, if another company has a more affordable option with better benefits, you'll be able to choose, instead of being forced to select from a single provider.


November 29 2013 -  Anthem Ohio Exchange plans are available through our website. Catastrophic, Platinum, Gold and Silver options can be purchased at extremely low prices with a full Obamacare federal tax subsidy, which can be calculated by contacting us or directly here.

The DirectAccess policies replace the old 2013 portfolio. They are "guarantee-approval" with no required medical questions or physicals needed for enrollment. The availability of doctors and other medical facilities is smaller compared to previous options.

December 23 2013 - A 24-hour extension has been granted for persons needing coverage by January 1st. The deadline now extends to midnight Christmas eve (December 24th). We anticipate more extensions will be utilized in 2014.

Also, Akron Children's Hospital will remain in the Anthem network, after completing negotiations. This, of course, is great news to residents of the Northeastern portion of the state that utilize the facility.

January 16 2015 - When enrolling for a new policy, verify with your doctor or specialist that they are included in Anthem's "X" network. This new provider list was created for Marketplace policies and is narrower than previous networks. It is possible that your physician may be considered "in-network" for one plan but "out of network" in another plan.

February 6 2015 - A major external cyber attack was reported by Anthem this week. Access to the IT system gave hackers access to names, dates of birth, social security numbers and other personal information. Financial data appears not to be included in the stolen information.

The FBI is now involved along with Mandiant Corporation, a highly-respected cybersecurity company. This breach also impacted many of the company's own employees. Credit monitoring and identity protection help will be provided free to anyone that was affected.


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