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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield short term health insurance in Ohio is a popular low-cost option if you need immediate medical coverage for less than 12 months. This affordable indemnity plan can provide needed benefits between Open Enrollments, and give you or your family the needed stopgap policy until a permanent solution is found. Coverage for as little as $2 per day (or less) is available. Policies are issued in three-month increments.

If you are without coverage, have a waiting period before new employer-provided benefits begin, or you prefer a non-Marketplace plan that is not federally-subsidized, a short-term policy should be considered. It is important to understand that pre-existing conditions may not be covered, and non-compliant penalties may apply. Also, upon termination of this type of policy, a "Special Enrollment Period" (SEP) is not offered, since a qualified life event is not created.

It only takes a few minutes to calculate prices and easily apply for same-day coverage. You can purchase a temporary policy from our website at any time (24/7).  UnitedHealthcare and other carriers also offer temporary options that we often recommend. Your age, zip code, and type of required benefits help determine which company offers the most cost-effective plan. Maximum coverage will vary between $250,000 and $2 million, depending upon the underwriting carrier.


Policy Information And Details

Each policy is underwritten and issued by Standard Security Life Insurance Company Of New York. Anthem BCBS is not affiliated with this carrier, although they provide brokers with coverage and rate details, and a direct enrollment link. The IHC Group offers "Interim Coverage 2.0" plans, which are available with many customized deductible options. Each policy does not qualify for "minimum essential coverage." Although the policyholder can terminate the policy at any time, re-applying for benefits requires a new application.

Terminating or lapsing an existing qualified policymay result in reduction of benefits, especially if pre-existing conditions are present. Although coverage is available here in the Buckeye State, it is not offered in all other states. Standard Security Life Is licensed in all 50 states. Life and disability products are also available.


One $50 office visit copay is included for each 90 days of coverage. Deductible options include $1,000, $1,800, $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000. Coinsurance options of 20%, 30%, and 50% may be selected. Maximum out-of-pocket expense options are $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, $2,500, $3,000, $4,000, $4,500, $5,000, $6,000, $7,500, and $10,000. These amounts do not include the deductible. Although one deductible applies to a single-person policy, three deductibles apply to policies with three or more persons.


Not only is the policy issued by one of the top insurers, but rates and benefits are always rated as one of the best options for both young and old applicants. You must be under age 65 to apply for a policy. Otherwise, you may be able to obtain Medicare benefits. If your household income is under 100% of the Federal Poverty limit, you can obtain Medicaid benefits, and possibly CHIP for your children. Medicare-eligible Seniors should consider a supplemental plan instead of temporary coverage.


Current Monthly Rates


30 Year-Old Male In Columbus (Franklin County)

$58 - $10,000 deductible with 50% coinsurance and  $10,000 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$65 - $5,000 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $7,500 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$74 - $2,500 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $7,500 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$84 - $1,800 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $10,000 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$98 - $5,000 deductible with 70% coinsurance and $1,500 maximum out-of-pocket expenses 


35 Year-Old Female In Cincinnati (Hamilton County)

$67 - $10,000 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $10,000 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$75 - $5,000 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $7,500 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$87 - $2,500 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $7,500 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$97 - $5,000 deductible with 20% coinsurance and $3,000 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$112 - $2,500 deductible with 30% coinsurance and $3,000 maximum out-of-pocket expenses


40 Year-Old Male In Cleveland (Cuyahoga County)

$96 - $10,000 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $10,000 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$110 - $5,000 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $7,500 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$129 - $2,500 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $7,500 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$147 - $1,800 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $10,000 maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$170 - $1,800 deductible with 50% coinsurance and $5,000 maximum out-of-pocket expenses


Our website provides the lowest direct available costs for policies from Anthem Blue Cross and the other highly-rated companies. We make it easy to compare affordable policies, apply for coverage and save money! You can let us help you or handle the process yourself. If you need to terminate your policy, simply call.

Dental, vision and other products are also offered. Keep in mind that your HIPAA eligibility could be impacted if you purchase a temporary policy. It may be best to discuss your previous benefits to ensure you are not jeopardizing any guarantee-issue options.


Impact Of Exchanges

During Open Enrollment, all Marketplace plans do not require underwriting and are typically immediately approved (unless there are citizenship or residency problems). Therefore, during this time period, a temporary policy is usually not utilized.

However, if you miss Open Enrollment, a short-term policy is one of the best solutions to cover a potential lack of benefits until the new sign-up period begins. Although you may incur an Affordable Care Act penalty (since mandatory benefits such as maternity are not covered), major medical expenses will be covered. This penalty will be waived if you remain uncovered for less than three months.

By applying direct, you're assured of receiving the lowest cost available. You can find additional information on our website. One of the extra features we like is that you don't have to wait until the first of the month to secure coverage. You can apply if you need benefits the next day. The turnaround time is very short since we immediately process the application.


When Should This Policy Be Used?

This Anthem policy is the least expensive Blue Cross medical plan. It is designed to provide benefits for anyone needing coverage for a month, a few months, or up to a year. One policy renewal is allowed. So if your initial six-month policy ends, you can apply again for an additional six months of benefits.

If you only need short-term health insurance in Ohio, an Anthem temporary policy will save money. And you're approved in one day.

The contract is most commonly used with persons that are working and don’t have health insurance, early retirees, the self-employed, students, anyone trying to avoid a lapse in coverage, or workers between jobs. For unemployed workers, it is often the cheapest method to maintain major medical benefits, without giving up flexibility or the right to cancel coverage at any time.

If you have been residing outside the US and are returning, you may be eligible for immediate benefits. Often, if you were just hired, there may be a delay until your benefits package begins. Or, if you accidentally missed an open enrollment (and that does happen!), a temporary fix may be this type of policy. If you are expecting to secure benefits through an Exchange, this option may be ideal to get you "over the hump."

Most items are covered that you would expect, such as hospital expenses, office visit (including Urgent Care) and prescription benefits, emergency room bills and lab/X-ray expenses. However, to utilize any of the specified benefits, you must meet your deductible. Then, 80% of the qualified expenses are covered, which becomes 100% after the coinsurance requirement has been satisfied. But the main purpose of the policy is to protect you against larger claims.


Lifetime Cap On Coverage

Also, the lifetime cap for covered medical expenses is not unlimited like most other forms of coverage. The cap is $1 million, which should be sufficient since this plan is only going to be in force for 1-12 months. Although, not impossible, it is unlikely that you will incur more than a million dollars of covered medical expenses. Staying within the network will help you get more benefits for the premium you are spending, especially when you have not met the deductible.

Admittedly, there are other short term health insurance plans in Ohio with lower rates. Typically, UnitedHealthcare costs less, and sometimes Humana is “in the ballpark.” But Anthem is a household name and also offers a $2,500 deductible. Once the deductible has been satisfied, office visits and prescriptions will be covered, subject to policy contract limitations. But we always offer you a choice of different carriers. If Anthem Blue Cross is not the best fit, we will explain why.

Get Anthem Ohio coverage for your short-term healthcare needs. Rates are low and this plan gives you gap coverage up to six months.

Benefits you receive on temporary  plans are usually less than benefits offered on catastrophic or comprehensive plans. For example, maternity is not covered, although other available contracts offer both maternity and prenatal benefits.


The Application Process

You can initially apply for three months of coverage. If you pay the premium in full, your rate will be less than the monthly rate options. When your policy expires, you can re-apply again for one more term. However, after a maximum of 12 months of coverage, we will have to use another company if you still prefer a short-term plan. UnitedHealthcare would be a good choice. And after 12 months of coverage with UHC, it's possible to re-apply with Blue Cross again!

Applying for a plan is quick, painless and easy. Since there are very few medical questions (perhaps five), it typically takes less than 15 minutes. Policies are often approved in a day if there are no “yes” answers and you never are asked to take a physical. We can also help you complete the paperwork which can be completed online or by faxing us the application.

What about the rates? We highly recommend a higher deductible to keep your premiums low. For example, a 40-year old male in Kettering (Dayton area) would pay $75 per month while the rate in Columbus would be $80. Rates, of course, will be different in other areas of the state. Additional family members can be added at similar low costs.

Anthem short term health insurance coverage may be the perfect fit for your temporary needs. You can easily view free quotes on our website at any time. We will happily explain plan details and the easy application process. You can also apply for an Anthem policy here. It's a direct link with no fees. Contact us if you need help.