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Akron health insurance plans and rates can be instantly viewed on this website. We specialize if comparing policies on and off the Marketplace in the Northeastern Ohio area.  Our friendly staff helps you choose the coverage you need with a quick online enrollment. All available companies are researched to determine which policy is the best choice. Senior Medicare and under-65 products are offered.

The Companies

45 individual and family Marketplace plans are available to persons under age 65. The five participating carriers are Ambetter, CareSource, Medical Mutual, Oscar, and SummaCare. Eligible applicants can qualify for federal subsidies that can substantially lower rates. Low-cost catastrophic plans are offered to persons under age 30. Utilizing in-network providers can substantially lower your out-of-pocket expenses.

Several companies that offer Medicare Suuplement contracts in Summit County include Liberty Bankers Life, Equitable, Greek Catholic Union, Transamerica, Medico, Individual Assurance, Manhattan Life, Shenandoah Life, Humana, Cigna, Aetna, AARP-UnitedHealthcare, Guarantee Trust, American Retirement Life, Combined Insurance, CSI Life, Oxford Life, and United American. Additional carriers offer Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans.

A wide variety of policies are offered, including different Metal tiers, many copays, deductibles and coinsurance, along with several prescription benefit combinations. Choosing the "right" option involves understanding how subsidies, pre-existing conditions (if applicable), and your budgeted premium interact, and the best way to provide the lowest possible out-of-pocket costs.

Most carriers include local hospitals in their Network, such as Akron General Medical Center, Children's Hospital and St. Thomas Hospital. As the fifth largest city in the state, fortunately, there are plenty of additional facilities located throughout the area that provide additional treatment such as urgent-care and physical therapy.

Akron Ohio health insurance rates are very affordable. can provide the lowest prices for your medical coverage needs.

Most Affordable Healthcare Plans In Akron Area

We are reluctant to publish a simple list of the "cheapest available plans" since many factors (age, zip code, federal subsidy eligibility) can influence the price. However, the policies listed below (Available as 2018 Ohio Marketplace choices) are typically among the least expensive options and are available to all individuals and families.

CareSource Bronze - $7,250 deductible with $30 pcp office visit copay. $25 copay for generic drugs.

CareSource HSA Bronze - $4,000 deductible and HSA-eligible.

Ambetter Essential Care 3 - $6,000 deductible but three free PCP visits.

Aetna Bronze Deductible Only HSA - $6,300 deductible but no coinsurance and eligible for HSA-participation.

SummaCare Individual 6450-LD - $6,450 deductible and the SummaCare negotiated repricing.

Medical Mutual Market HSA 6000 Bronze - $6,000 deductible HSA-eligible plan.

HealthSpan One Bronze 4000-70 HSA - $4,000 deductible HSA plan with 30% coinsurance.



Rates in the area tend to be more affordable than other parts of the country. For instance, Summit County and Canton area  prices are about 15% lower than rates in neighboring states Pennsylvania and Indiana. Medina and Barberton premiums are also very affordable. When compared to bigger cities in the state, such as Toledo and Cleveland, rates in Summitt County are about 5%-10% lower.

The least expensive type of off-Exchange coverage is a short-term temporary plan. This type of policy is typically approved in less than 36 hours and is ideal if you are unemployed, a seasonal-only worker between jobs, a graduating student or simply laid off. Humana and UnitedHealthCare have very low prices. You can purchase a policy for a month, and sometimes for as long as a year.

Marketplace Prices

Our hypothetical family consists of a 45-year-old married couple with two children. They reside in Summit County and the household income is approximately $55,000. The monthly federal subsidy of $512 has been directly applied to the premium. We illustrated several popular plan options below with their monthly premiums:

$174 - Ambetter Essential Care 1

$184 - Aetna Bronze DeductibleOnly HSA

$228 - Aetna Bronze $20 Copay

$334 - Ambetter Balanced Care 2

$374 - Ambetter Balanced Care 4

$418 - Aetna Silver $10 Copay

$510 - Anthem Pathway Silver X PPO 3500 25

What AboutThe Akron University Student Health Plan?

Fully-Registered students that are taking more than six hours of classes can enroll in the student medical plan program. Coverage is offered by the Leonard Insurance Company, which admittedly, is not a household name.

However, the provider list does utilize one of UnitedHealthcare's networks.  Spouses and unmarried children are also eligible for enrollment.Deductible is $200 per person (utilizing a preferred provider) with maximum out-of-pocket of $6,350.

Annual rates are listed below: (Costs are less if only Fall or Spring/Summer Quarter is selected)

$1,145 - Student

$2,800 - Spouse

$1,973 - Additional Children

$2,466 - All Children

$5,266 - All dependents


Small Business Coverage

Owners of small businesses can take advantage of the SHOP Exchange, which provides viable options for employers with 50 employees or fewer. Employee participation can be managed and premiums can be billed and paid online. Workers can also enroll online instead of filling out long applications as in past years.

As an owner, there are choices regarding how much of a contribution match to make, how long will the open enrollment last and length of waiting period before benefits begin. An experienced broker can help (no charge or change in premium) or it can be handled internally with no assistance.

NOTE: The Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce and SummaCare have partnered for more than 25 years to offer discounted coverage in the following counties: Wayne, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Stark, Wayne, Medina, Summitt and Portage.

Raise That Deductible

A family of three in Summit County can reduce their premium by more than $2,000 per year by raising the deductible. Eliminating unneeded coverages will also reduce the  insurance rate. "Catastrophic" only policies will save the most premiums. HSA plans (View Details Here) should also be considered to reduce premiums. An HSA is an alternative to medical coverage that allows consumers to pay for current expenses on a tax-free basis.

Get best HMO plans in Akron or any part of Ohio. Request our free quote and compare policies online.

Akron General Hospital Partnership

If you live in the downtown area,  and your household income is near or below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), primary care physician and maternity services are now provided at the outpatient facility located on Broadway. AxessPointe Community Health Center is also offering obstetrics/gynecology seminars for its customers.

The hospital actually owns the building and will provide physicians and residents of the Medical School to coordinate the training. As a federally-qualified center, extensive online training is available, and the hospital expects to save more than $1 million each year by reducing expenses.

More than 15,000 new patients annually are expected to be treated with about 50 residents gaining additional experience. AxessPointe is also adding locations at Summa St. Hospital and  the Portage Path Behavioral facility.

For a quick Akron health insurance quote, simply use the area at the top of the page to provide your zip code.  You can also talk to a live person by calling us. In minutes, we can effectively explain your best options in Summit County and the surrounding area.