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Budget Ohio medical plans are just what you would expect...easy on your budget! These low cost policies typically cost 30%-60% less than most other health insurance policies, but still provide many of the benefits you need. However, you will be able to afford them much more easily and customize many of the coverages. Often, they are referred to as "bargain" coverage.

We are a local Ohio Agency and we guarantee that your quoted rate will be the lowest available by each company. Instantly, you can look up, compare or apply for high quality medical insurance policies. It does not matter if you are single, a family of eight, uninsured or self-employed, we'll research all of the available plans and provide the best and most affordable options.

Local Expert Guidance

As an Ohio-based company, we offer insurance to individuals and small businesses. Both federally-subsidized Marketplace plans and non-Obamacare policies are offered. Whether you live in Cincinnati, Toledo or any part of the state, we study local prices so you can quickly compare the options that best fit your household needs. If you are eligible for free financial help from the government, we feel it's important you know about it.

A combination of human and modern technology is used to provide the widest assortment of coverage, benefits and online applications. We understand that the recent Affordable Care Act legislation helps many persons by providing federal subsidies, but also hurts many others by forcing them to change policies or doctors.

There simply is no better available source for accurate up-to-date information at the lowest published cost. We also update rates daily so the quotes you view are as accurate as possible. If there is a discount offered by a carrier, you'll receive it immediately. We watch every dollar you spend because you do too!

Ohio family health insurance rates are very affordable. allows you to apply for direct low rates and pay the lowest available price.

Creation Of Marketplace And Impact On Ohio Healthcare Coverage

There was a lot of confusion created when the Ohio Exchange/Marketplace was discussed and created. Applying for medical coverage now involves calculating federal tax subsidies along with comparing "Metal" plans such as Bronze and Silver options. We're here to help and we know our expert guidance will make it easy to determine the most affordable policy to apply for.

We are also very "user friendly" as we have designed this website to make it easy for you to find the information you need. Of course, you can always contact us (see contact information at the top of the page) and a live person will either call or email you...which ever method you prefer.Typically, you can receive a live response through midnight.

Whether your need is for a few months or 20 years, we'll carefully review hundreds of available medical plans so you don't have to. We'll explain why we recommend certain policies and make the application process much easier than you ever imagined. Generally, by using our enrollment links, it only takes about 10 minutes to apply for on or off-Exchange coverage.

Safety Of Companies

Only companies rated “A” by A.M. Best Company are considered. Also used are the most recent “Ohio complaint ratios” furnished by the Department Of Insurance. Medical insurance plans will not be used from companies that continuously have high complaint ratios. Also, no "discount plan" will ever be considered. "Discount plans" are typically offered by out-of-state telemarketers that offer only vague information. Often, there is an application fee and the company is not a recognized name.

We offer multiple ways to apply for a plan. You can handle the process yourself, or we'll help you step-by step. The choice is yours. When Open Enrollments and tax subsidies are involved, you may find our free advice very helpful.

Call us, email or utilize the free quote button at the top of the page. We understand that comparing and applying for medical coverage in Ohio is not how you prefer to spend your extra time. We'll do our best to ensure that it is time well-spent.