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Aetna Ohio health insurance coverage is available in most parts of the state and is very competitively priced. Group individual and family  policies are  among the most popular plans offered, along with Medigap plans for applicants that have reached age 65. Also offered are specific plans for students and the self-employed. Policies can be easily customized, and flexible billing options are always available, including "direct bill at home."

About Aetna

This giant carrier issued its first insurance policy in 1850.  But, many Ohioans are truly happy they “met” Aetna, especially considering their large network of doctors and specialists. Their PPO  coverage is recognized and respected by more than 21,000 doctors and hospitals, making it one of the most popular forms of medical coverage. More than 23 million persons are covered by health benefits, and an additional  14 million persons for dental benefits. Employer-sponsored benefits continue to cover large and small companies.

In addition to individual and Senior coverage, other lines of business include dental, vision, disability, Group life, pharmacy, Medicaid services, and worker's compensation administration. The network of providers is large for both young and older applicants. Currently, Aetna does not market subsidized Marketplace plans or "off-Exchange" contracts in the Buckeye State. It is possible, with new healthcare legislation, they may begin offering coverage in 2019 in selected counties.


Aetna Senior Medicare Coverage In Ohio (For Persons Age 65 And Older)


Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare Supplement  plans pay for many of the out-of-pocket expenses not covered by basic coverage. The standardized plans that are available are A, B, F, F (HD), G, and N. Options not offered by Aetna are generally available through one of many other carriers, including Anthem Blue Cross, Humana, Transamerica, UnitedHealthcare, and many additional carriers.

Plan F is the most comprehensive and expensive option, since Part A and B deductibles, 100% Part B coinsurance, Part B excess, foreign travel emergency, and skilled nursing facility coinsurance are covered. Plan A is one of the least expensive options, since "Basic" benefits and the Part B coinsurance are the main features. Parts A and B deductibles are not covered. Plan F (HD) is the least expensive option, since a single deductible must be met before benefits are paid (100%). 

Shown below are estimated monthly preferred rates for all available plans in selected areas. Three rating territories are utilized: Zip codes 436 and 440-445 consist of one area. 450-454, and  459 consist of another area. The remainder of the state is the third area.

Hamilton County Male Age 65

Plan A - $111

Plan B - $117

Plan F - $151

Plan F (HD) - $60

Plan G - $127

Plan N - $123


Hamilton County Female Age 65

Plan A - $96

Plan B - $102

Plan F - $131

Plan F (HD) - $52

Plan G - $110

Plan N - $99


Lucas County Male Age 65

Plan A - $124

Plan B - $131

Plan F - $168

Plan F (HD) - $67

Plan G - $141

Plan N - $114


Lucas County Female Age 65

Plan A - $107

Plan B - $114

Plan F - $146

Plan F (HD) - $58

Plan G - $123

Plan N - $99



Previous Year Pricing (Under Age 65)

Their rates are not always the lowest, when compared to other companies, but their PPO plans are usually a "good buy."  We expect to see Aetna continue to participate in the Ohio Exchange and Marketplace beyond 2017, which will guarantee approval for all consumers that purchase a policy. You can apply directly through our website.

Although they have not offered individual  medical plans as long as a few other companies, such as UnitedHealthOne, Medical Mutual or Anthem, a wide variety of quality policies are available, including comprehensive, catastrophic and HSA plans. Short-term coverage is not available although customers can cancel their policy at any time. Thus, if you only needed to purchase benefits for a few months, that would be acceptable. 

Get cheap Aetna family health insurance at Purchase a policy and use a fderal tax subsidy to help pay premiums.

Popular Aetna Marketplace Plans In Ohio


Bronze $20 Copay - The least expensive Bronze-tier policy that offers copays on office visits ($20) and generic prescriptions ($15). As a Point-Of-Service (POS) option, this plan combines HMO and PPO features, including substantial discounts if stay "in-network."

Specialist visits are subject to a $50 copay and also must meet the policy deductible of $5,750. Hospital visits have a $250 per stay charge plus applicable deductibles and copays.

Silver $10 Copay - Another POS plan that features a very low $10 copay on office visits but no deductible on specialist visits. Since the cost of a specialist can easily be more than $150, this is a major money-saver. The deductible of $3,750 is also very reasonable.

Cost-sharing applies (to all Silver-tier plans), so depending upon household income, deductible and out-of-pocket expenses can drastically reduce.

Gold $5 Copay - "Cadillac" of Ohio Marketplace policies. $5 and $40 copays on primary-care-physician and specialist visits. Add a low $1,400 deductible and you have a very attractive option if you're willing to spend a few extra dollars. Maximum out-of-pocket maximum is $5,000.

Grandfathered plans (policies issued in April of 2010 or earlier) remain active for many households. Although benefits do not reflect new mandates and guidelines, unless they are terminated by the original carrier, you may keep the contract.

These options have become very popular in recent years. And although their rates are extremely competitive, it is still important to properly compare their policy to the other Ohio health companies. And that’s what we do best! Although we will consider all policies when researching your options, we feel it is most important to recommend the options that best fits your specific needs...regardless of which company that might be.


Senior health insurance plans in Pa from Aetna are affordable and save money. Get your free online quote now and enroll.



The quotes you view on our website are always free! When applying for coverage, we can help you every step of the way, including researching and comparing policies. You can also "apply direct" with the links we provide.