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Ohio health insurance companies offer affordable medical coverage through the State Exchange and Marketplace. We research and find Individual, family and small business coverage plans at their lowest cost, explain the coverage, and make it easy to purchase the policy that maximizes your subsidy and benefits, and comply with ACA legislation. We study deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses to help you compare plans, easily enroll, and get the lowest rates.

As of 2017, the carriers writing healthcare business in the Buckeye State are Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Ambetter (Buckeye Health Plan), Aultcare, CareSource, Federated Mutual, Freedom Life, Health Plan Of The Upper Ohio Valley, Humana, Medical Mutual, Molina, National Foundation Life, Paramount, Pekin Life, Premier, SummaCare, THP, and UnitedHealthcare.

American Community Mutual stopped writing business in the state many years ago. Other notable carriers, such as HealthSpan, Assurant, and InHealth, previously offered personal coverage through the Marketplace. But excessive claims forced these companies to cease operations, and terminate all existing policies.


Ohio Companies Offering Senior Medicare Supplement And Advantage Plans

If you have reached age 65, and are eligible for Medicare Parts A and B, instead of a Marketplace plan, you can choose to supplement your Government benefits with a Medigap plan. All carriers in the Buckeye State must be reviewed and approved by the Ohio Department of Insurance. We have listed below many of the popular companies that offer Medicare Supplement and Advantage products. This is only a partial list.



AARP (underwritten by UnitedHealthcare)


American Republic

Anthem BCBS


Colonial Penn




Medical Mutual

Physicians Mutual

United American




Gateway Health




Anthem BCBS

Medical Mutual



Buckeye Health









Prime Time



Keeping Current

We are constantly monitoring companies for rate trends and claims-paying ability, and we always share that information with you upon request. We also provide ratings information from independent resources such as A.M.Best Company, Standard & Poors, Moody's, and  Weiss research. The Department of Insurance also provides free online resources that allow us to publish the most recent rate increase (and decrease) requests, complaint ratios of most carriers, and detailed financial data regarding the safety of their operations.

Since each carrier charges different rates in each county, it is not unusual to see significantly lower rates in selected parts of the state. Our job is to determine your needs, find the lowest prices that give you the benefits you are looking for, and recommend the most affordable high-quality healthcare plan for your situation.

Ohio health insurance company information. View Exchange plans at the lowest available rates and apply without answering medical questions.

Since rates are mandated by the Department of Insurance, you will receive the lowest prices at all times. If a carrier files for a rate reduction or a consumer rebate, we will  help explain the process and how you can quickly benefit by those changes.Typically, Marketplace rates for persons under age 65, are published in September or October. Price change requests are provided to the DOI by June.


Your Zip Code And County Of Residence Matters

Although medical conditions no longer impact premiums, the "servicing area" (where you reside) does. For example, below we have illustrated the monthly rates for a 30 year-old with annual income of $22,000. The least expensive available Anthem plan was selected. Note price differences for different areas:

$45 - 43734 Muskingum County

$56 - 44902 Richland County

$87 - 43357 Logan County

$99 - 45232 Franklin County

$102 - 45429 Montgomery County

$105 - 44223 Summit County

$109 - 45242 Hamilton County 

$117 - 44601 Stark County

$135 - 44022 Cuyahoga County

$148 - 43548 Lucas County


Your zip code is also one of the factors that will determine which health insurer offers the best rate. For example...UnitedHealthcare has very competitive rates in many zip codes including those that begin with 450, 452 and 453 (Southwestern Ohio). Yet, in the 451 areas, UnitedHealthcare's rates are much higher.

Also, Medical Mutual's rates are more favorable in specific parts of the state. In the Cincinnati area, Medical Mutual offers extremely competitive HSA and comprehensive plan rates. By using our experience and expertise, we will help you identify your best options. Anthem Blue Cross tends to offer competitive prices in all parts of Ohio.

Their "DirectAccess" plans are the most popular options they offer on the Exchange. Gold, Siver and Bronze policies  (with or without subsidy) are available. A "catastrophic" DirectAccess option is also available for younger persons or anyone with low enough income to qualify. A "hardship" exemption can be requested for any person under age 30. Three office visits are covered, but you lose the "unlimited" feature.

If your need is temporary, a short-term plan will be your best option. While most companies offer short-term plans, Humana, Celtic and UnitedHealthcare offer the most affordable options. Typically, short-term coverage costs less (approximately 30%-60%) than comprehensive policies, and applications are often approved in less than 24 hours.

Although these types of plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, they are a great fit for individuals and families that only need benefits for less than 12 months. However, they do NOT include "essential health benefits," a signature requirement of the Affordable Care Act.

If you would like to quickly view, compare or apply for an Ohio health insurance policy, please enter your zip code in the "Get Free Quotes section at the top of the page. You can also talk to us live by calling (888) 513 6446. You can also utilize the "contact us" button at the top of the page.