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The Ten Most Expensive Ohio Health Insurance Plans

The MOST expensive Ohio health insurance plans? Now wait a minute! Ohio residents don’t care about expensive plans. You want me to do what I do best…find the most affordable Ohio health insurance plans. Right? Of course!

Well…today I’m going to deviate a bit. I spend 20 hours per day (OK…it seems that long) quoting, preaching, researching and writing about the cheapest available plans ( see here ) Almost all of this blog’s content deals with saving you, the Ohio consumer, money. Whether it’s short term coverage or a policy you keep quite a while,  we know all about it.

Today is different. I have researched hundreds of plans from the major health insurance companies in an effort to find the ten most expensive Ohio individual policies. These plans are terrific policies, with rich coverages and low out-of-pocket expenses. But…they are very expensive. OK. Here they are:

1. Humana Portrait Share 80 Plus RX Unlimited $1,000 Deductible

2.Celtic Preferred Managed Indemnity Plan $1,000 Deductible

3. UnitedHealthOne Copay Select 0% Coinsurance $500 Deductible

4. Med Mutual SuperMed One Standard 500 with Office visit and RX $500 deductible

5.Anthem Premier 80% BuyUp RX $250 Deductible

6.Anthem Premier 80% BuyUp RX $500 Deductible

7.Aetna First Dollar PPO 30 No Deductible

8.Celtic Preferred Managed Indemnity Plan $500 Deductible

9.Humana Portrait Share 80 Plus RX Unlimited (ded) $1,000 Deductible

10. Anthem Premier 80% BuyUp RX $1,000 Deductible

There they are! The 10 most expensive Ohio health insurance plans. Please keep in mind that I did not include any riders in the calculations, and excluded a few companies whose rates are extremely high on virtually every policy they offer. Also…These 10 plans are very comprehensive, and provide extensive coverage. Structurally, there is nothing wrong with the policies. They just cost a bunch!

UPDATE: January 2012.  Thankfully, many of these plans are no longer available. There are still a lot of expensive health care plans, so we’ll do our best to steer you away from them. Of course there are many more low cost policies offered by every company, so those are the options we’ll focus on.

UPDATE: September 2012.  See! We really do update our content on the website. It appears that just about all of the plans from that list have either been withdrawn or have undergone major design changes. Was it because of our blog post? I doubt it, but we know the major insurers always watch what we write about because of our large readership.

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