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Is Universal Health Reform Good For Ohio?

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True Ohio health care reform centers on the four “pillars” of patients’ rights. Choice, competition, accountability and personal responsibility. A patient must have the right to choose their own doctor, and must protect a consumer’s right to choose the health insurance that best fits their needs and budget.

“Conservatives For Patients Rights” (CPR) recently reviewed 16 plans that have been discussed, written about or offered up as legislation. Which plans are too costly? Which plans promote competition within the healthcare industry? These policies were designed to give customers benefits that they are likely to use every day.

UPDATE: January 2013. The article we were referencing no longer assists so we removed the link. Many of those 16 plan descriptions are available today. Of course, the prices may be different than they were in 2009, but the point of the article was to be able to shop around for policies that allow you to take care of most of your concerns. For example, if you have plenty of liquid assets and are comfortable with $25,000 of out of pocket risk, you should be able to take it. However, most consumers would rather pay more and reduce their potential risk.

We’re not sure you’ll receive that type of choice when Exchanges are ready in 2014. Later this year, we will get a better idea of some of the best selections. And re Universal health care…technically it’s not here yet, although many folks believe it is inevitable. We will find out in a few years, when “The Affordable Care Act” has some time under its belt.