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Your Ohio Health Insurance Quote

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Your Ohio health insurance quote is just seconds away! Instantly, you will be able to see prices from all carriers and the plans they offer. And don’t worry. We don’t need your phone number.  We only consider high-quality health insurers and actually filter out some companies that are not rated “A” by A.M. Best Company or have had consumer complaint issues.

Our quoted rates are the lowest you’ll find from any licensed broker or authorized website. We’re located just North of Cincinnati and will help you find affordable medical plans at prices that simply can’t be beat. Like most states, premiums are regulated by the Department Of Insurance. We utilize “direct” pricing and update every day.

Ohio Health Insurance Online Quote

Dozens of out-of-state websites can be found online. But many of these sites recommend outdated and unpopular plans that often are not the best option. And these websites may not be able to accurately explain the differences between Ohio plans that appear similar, but are actually quite different. With more than 30 years of insurance experience, we’ll locate the policies that help you the most, but cost the least.

When we prepare your report, all of the different types of plans will be presented to you. Comprehensive plans. Catastrophic plans. And Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Also…your quote is always personalized to insure you’re getting the coverages you need. For example, if there are small children in the household, immunizations and well-checkups will be emphasized.

If you prefer a major medical policy that features low rates, we’ll pick plans that remove the coverages you don’t need and shouldn’t pay for. If you only need benefits for a few months, there are plans specifically designed for that purpose.And of course, you can terminate your policy at any time with a phone call, email or hard-copy letter.

Our state-of-the-art quoting process allows you to instantly view and compare prices. We also make the application process easy, and of course, never share your information. To view your quotes, we have provided boxes at the top of this page that will simply and streamline the process.