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Can’t Get Health Insurance In Ohio?

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So you can’t get health insurance in Ohio? And you have been denied by three companies. Well…you do have some options. And I am not referring to limited benefit or discount plans that are very vague in what benefits they provide and which carrier you are dealing with. You actually can purchase quality coverage from a reputable insurer, through HIPAA, Open Enrollment or an underwritten policy.

As a result of HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act), four Ohio health insurance policies are available through Anthem. Contracts range from basic catastrophic to comprehensive major medical coverage. The basic “CMM” plans will often offer lower premiums, but feature lower benefits. The “HIC” options are generally more expensive and include additional coverages such as prescription copays and unlimited lifetime benefits.

Pre-existing conditions are generally included and the policy can be treated as short-term or long-term coverage. Each policy is issued by Anthem Blue Cross and uses the the large Anthem network for doctors and hospitals. You also may view a brochure that explains the specific details. And we’ll provide the simple application so you can apply for a policy.

Low Cost Plans Are Available

We Will Find Affordable Ohio Medical Insurance

In 2014, a State Exchange will be set up (although we believe it may be delayed) when it becomes the law that you must buy medical coverage on yourself and family members. Since all plans at that time will not be underwritten, almost every applicant should be able to qualify for one of the policies being offered. There will be four tiers of benefits (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze). Naturally, the higher tiers will be the most expensive since they have lower potential out of pocket costs.

We’ll help you decide which option will be best for your unique situation. By taking into consideration any medications or other conditions you have, we can customize coverage from the  options you are offered, so that you pay the lowest possible premium.

Also, depending on your household income, we’ll review the amount of tax credits you will receive that will further lower your rate. If you’re not eligible for tax relief, then we may look at policies “outside” of the Exchange, which may be more cost-effective. Additional information about Exchange Rates In Ohio is available.

If you have no major medical conditions (or perhaps some minor ones), than you should easily be able to qualify for an underwritten plan. Our free quote engine (typically located at the top of the page) will show you the best offers from all of the biggest and most popular companies. Of course, we’ll be happy to help you compare all of the different offers since there may be quite a few plans to choose from.

So…if you still think you can’t get health insurance in Ohio and you would like additional information on these plans, including current rates, please call or email us. Your personal information is never shared with any other third party.

Also, if you feel you can’t qualify for medical benefits and you are not eligible for COBRA, the Ohio Risk Pool may an option worth considering. You must be denied by two carriers and be without coverage for six months. But rates are fairly competitive and the coverage is comparable to many large group policies through employers.