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Where To Get The Best Ohio Health Insurance Deals

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So you need to buy an Ohio health insurance plan. You want an affordable high quality policy and want to make sure you are getting the best deal. And it is also important that you are working with licensed experts that can provide guidance and expertise with no obligation or cost.

Congratulations! Somehow, you have made it to the right place. We feature company-direct rates and make it very simple to apply for coverage  through our website. We can help you pick the right plan or you can compare costs and benefits on your own. Whether you know exactly what type of benefits you need or are relying on our assistance, we assure you that the best deals are here. Each year, prices and options change, so it is important to annually review your existing plan.

Shopping For Plans

When you are shopping for plans, it’s important to establish a budget, and also have a clear understanding of the type of coverage you want. If you have small children, of course well-baby visits and immunizations may be high on your list of priorities. Is it important to have mental illness or visits to a chiropractor covered? If not, why pay a higher deductible or copay on these items may be very cost-effective. For Seniors, a High-Deductible Plan F plan may be an attractive option if you are very healthy and submit few claims.

Conversely, if you are primarily concerned with protecting your assets by adequately covering  large hospital and ER bills, then obviously, you will need a different type of policy. We help you avoid the mistakes that many people make when purchasing a policy, and also help you understand the total benefits and costs of the plans you are considering. The more knowledgeable you are about your benefits, the easier it becomes to pick the best options.

Ohio health insurance tips

We Will Save You Money!

We carefully compare hundreds (Yes, we really look at that many) of different options from the most highly-rated carriers. Some of these companies include Medical Mutual, Anthem Blue Cross (Wellpoint), Golden Rule (UnitedHealthcare), Aetna and Humana. This includes health, dental, vision, and disability plans that are offered.

Typically, lower-rated companies, and carriers that only offer out-of-state benefits are not reviewed or recommended by our staff.  Also, property and casualty products are also not considered. And we make it easy to shop each company. For instance we have a single page devoted to the best Anthem BC rates. Aetna, Geisinger, and most other companies also receive comprehensive coverage on their carrier-specific page.

We rate each policy for the out-of-pocket costs you are likely to incur, how cost-effective the plan will be, based on your claims history, and the projected stability of the premium. Naturally, if the average annual rate increase is 20%, we will not recommend that plan. We customize our research so you are truly getting the best deal.

The Human Factor

But perhaps the most important element in the process is the human factor. The content on this website and all of the information you are provided, is generated by live persons, who live here in Ohio and have been licensed brokers since 1980. Yes, that is indeed a long time! We believe that a combination of our human interaction (phone, email, in person or whatever!) and superior technology always outperforms a random E-website that provides rates, plan descriptions and high-turnover employees that are reading from a script.

Of course we utilize the most advanced software to provide all of the specific policy details and live instant quotes. But when you are communicating with us, either by phone, email or in person, that’s where you notice the difference most. You’ll quickly understand the level of experience and understanding we have and how easily we can help you understand how copays, deductibles and network discounts affect your rates.

Quite simply, we earned our consumer-website top-ranking by helping consumers in a professional manner without bias. If there is a better solution for you through your employer or a professional association, we’ll know about it and direct you there. If your medical history won’t allow you to qualify for a preferred rating, we’ll work to find the best choice and help you determine which features are the most important.

The Exchange

When an Ohio Health Exchange offers policies to residents of our state, our Agency will be a resource that explains the process of applying for coverage. It is expected that the Department Of Health And Human Resources will help create the “Exchange” that will perhaps help individuals and families buy affordable health care. Since it is possible that it will be very consumer unfriendly, our website will take you step by step through the process.

The first step to securing the best deals for your medical coverage in Ohio is finding the right broker and website. Now that you have already done that, please take the time to read about different policies and glance at the live quotes you provide. We’ll be standing by if you need any help.

Ohio Health Insurance Tips – Save 50% Or More On Your Medical Plan

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Ohio health insurance rates are actually quite affordable compared to other states. But whether you’re paying $60 per month or $560 per month, that may be too much. We shop prices 24/7 so you’re always viewing the best offers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Anthem or Humana, we always publish the best offers.

Here are 10 money-saving ideas that might reduce the prices you pay. While all of these tips may not apply to you, perhaps a few will lower your premium. And you may also notice an improvement in your benefits.

·Raise your deductibles. By increasing the deductible from $1,000 to $2,500, a family of four could save $2,000 per year. You may also wish to consider a $3,500 or $5,000 option which will make a big difference when the number of persons covered is three or more.

·Consider an Ohio Health Savings Account (HSA). If you don’t have a lot of medical expenses, an HSA could potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. You’ll also get to deduct contributions and take complete control over your medical benefits. If you have reached your 65th birthday a Medicare Supplement policy for Ohio should be looked at. We’ll help you every step of the way.

·Raise copay amounts if you are not using your office visit coverage more than three times per person per year. If you currently pay $20 or less, bump it up to $30 or more. Usually, the savings far outweighs your out of pocket cost. If your physician charges you less than $60 for visits, you’re probably paying for a benefit that should be removed.

·Combine all family members on one policy to possibly reduce rates. However, if the adult coverage should be different than the dependent coverage, two separate policies might reduce premiums. In 2014,with the introduction of the Exchange, you will be able to purchase a “child only” policy. However, plan choices will be somewhat limited, with “Platinum” being the most expensive choice.

Family Medical Plans

Cheap Ohio Family Health Insurance Online

·Compare rates every three years. Prices generally increase each year, and yours may be increasing faster than other companies. Certainly, you can research more frequently, since there is no cost during the process. But before you change, consult us to ensure the new coverage is appropriate. We will develop a strategy that you will be very happy with.

·If you stopped smoking, notify the carrier. You may be eligible for a reduced rate, and it may be substantial. Most companies increase premiums approximately 15%-30% if you have used nicotine within the last 12 months. The Ohio Health Exchange, however, in 2014, will use a 50% surcharge factor if you smoke. that should be plenty of incentive to quit.

·Are you paying for unneeded benefits? The removal of symptomatic office visit coverage could save hundreds…perhaps thousands of dollars every few years. Since preventive visits are automatically paid in full, you may feel that there is no need to pay $50-$150 per month extra to cover a few yearly bouts of the flu that require a generic prescription.

·Ask about “Wellness discounts.” Some Ohio health companies will reduce your premium if you regularly exercise and meet other requirements. You may even be rewarded with a credit towards memberships in exercise clubs or the YMCA. It’s free money that you should always ask about.

      ·Make sure you are using the “Preferred” Network if you have a PPO policy. You may be paying a higher premium because you are either using the wrong network or you are being treated by a provider that’s not listed on any of your provider lists.

        ·Purchase your coverage directly through our website so you receive direct carrier and direct Exchange rates. We’re still the top-rated choice of consumers and will always provide free lifetime service and expert guidance regarding tax rebates, the application process and any facet of your policy you need help with.

Who Else Knows About Your Medical Conditions?

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Many consumers are not aware that there are many insurance-related businesses that collect and provide medical information to health insurance companies about an individual’s medical conditions and usage of prescription drugs.

Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) Director Mary Jo Hudson is recommending  consumers should verify the accuracy of any health information collected by these companies.

Ohio life and health insurers routinely request medical information on applicants while underwriting a policy. Often, medical information from prior applications on the same person is used to possibly verify or confirm information.

For example, when an insurer takes an application for health insurance, the insurer may submit certain personal identifying information to one of these insurance support organizations to find out if any other insurer has had the same applicant. If the insurance support organization does have a “match,” the information is sent to the insurer, using certain codes. The insurer receiving the coded information can then question the applicant further about any undisclosed health information.

Under Ohio law, you are entitled to view and correct your personal information. You may view and copy the information in person, or have it mailed directly to you.

The complete article from the ODI can be found here.

We always encourage customers to inquire about privacy matters so they can verify where personal information is going and how secure it is when it gets there. Of course, we always take that extra step to keep your quote and application information safe and secure.