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Ohio Pre-Existing Condition Health Insurance – How To Apply For A Policy

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The Ohio Pre-existing condition health insurance plan is available. This temporary health insurance program (“high risk pool”) is designed to offer affordable medical benefits  until 2014 when the Exchanges may be available. If you have been declined or turned down, it is a great option to consider. Applications will be accepted, and Medical Mutual will operate the plan through the  Department of Insurance. You can visit the MM website to apply for coverage. The entire process takes about 20 minutes, and can be completed online.

Non-smoking rates will be between $188 and $545 per month, depending on the age of the applicant and the requested benefits. There are two plan choices. One has a $1,500 deductible and the other less expensive option has a $2,500 deductible. Pre-existing conditions will be covered without a waiting period. However, there are several prerequisites that you should be aware of.

How To Qualify

To qualify for coverage, you must have a “qualifying pre-existing condition,” as evidenced by a denial of coverage by two health insurers. Documentation from a health professional will also suffice. Any person who applies for the plan also must be a citizen or lawfully present in the United States. Also, no prior medical coverage can be in effect for the last six months and proof of Ohio residency will be required. If a policy was active during this time period, unfortunately, the applicant will become ineligible for coverage.

The  program will be available until 2014 when national health reform takes effect. Many experts feel  insurance rates could substantially increase at that time, since any person could obtain coverage regardless of their medical condition. And of course, they will be able to cancel their policy after treatment, and purchase health care when it is needed again. A small penalty would be imposed if coverage is not in effect, although this will increase every year. However, if “Open Enrollment” periods are established and enforced, the chances of success will increase.

Healthy Persons Should Not Apply

If you DO NOT have any major pre-existing conditions, you SHOULD NOT apply for this coverage. You may be eligible for standard coverage at much lower rates from some of the major  companies such as Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare, Medical Mutual, Humana or Assurant. You can view these rates by clicking on the “Get Instant Quote” button at the top of the page.

We provide affordable Ohio health insurance plans and offer the lowest premiums charged by each company. You can also call and speak to a live person by calling us. If/when an Exchange is offered here in our state, this website will still guide you through the application process.

Why Should You Use A Health Insurance Broker?

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Need help with finding affordable healthcare in Ohio? It’s available! An insurance broker works for you and not the carrier.  A broker researches, reviews and studies hundreds of  insurance quotes to provide you with the most affordable plans that match your budget. Whether you qualify for a federal subsidy, don’t have current coverage, or are a Senior shopping for Medigap plans, free expert guidance is offered.

Since rates are mandated, a specific website or agent can not offer prices lower than a broker or the insurer itself. However,  since we are one of the few resources that offer 37 years of experience, and free 24/7 online quoting, customers and prospects can view customized plans that are created to help lower out-of-pocket expenses. We specialize in individual and family  medical coverage, and take the time to find the plans that offer the coverage you need, and meet your specific budget.

Enroll Online, By Phone, Or Through Email

One of the advantages of utilizing our resources is that we combine the simple automation of online buying with live help (if you need it). We’re not located overseas. We live in the state, just like you. Comparing policies can be very complex and confusing since what’s best for you might be completely different than another person’s choices. We’ll help you make an informed and unbiased choice so you pay the least and get the most for your hard-earned money!

Dramatic changes in coverage have made a  broker’s role increasingly important in the process of explaining state and federal reform changes and their effect on your rates and coverage. Insurers have already implemented some of these changes, and more changes are on the way. We monitor any change in rate, coverage or law and notify you if they will impact your policy. If necessary, we’ll recommend appropriate changes that will keep your benefits and rate where you want them. Presidential election results must also be considered when planning your future medical benefits.

Exchange Plans

Newly established “Exchange” websites may be up and running in 2014. Although you will still use this website for buying your coverage, the availability of plans will change, and presumably premiums will also change.  If enrolling in an Exchange lowers your premium, we’ll provide direct links and walk you through the process.

We understand that it is very confusing and frustrating to buy a policy…especially online. When you speak to us, you are working with a broker with more than 30 years of experience in the business. There are no charges or costs associated with the service we provide and we never share your information with any other person or company. And since we represent all of the major health insurers, you don’t have to worry about the pitfalls of going directly to a specific carrier. That is…we’ll research many plans from many different companies, not just a few plans from one company.

Online  health insurance quotes are available from many websites other than ours. However, there is a good chance that another website will be operated outside the Buckeye State, and also may not have licensed and registered brokers. That’s why tens of thousands of Ohioans have visited our website. They know they will receive unbiased up-to-date information without any cost or obligation.

Central Ohio Individual Medical Health Insurance Plans

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Central Ohio individual healthcare insurance plans are very affordable. Rates in the Columbus area and a 50-mile radius around Columbus are often the lowest premiums available in the Buckeye State. Maybe there’s something in the water! A typical visit to the Ohio State University Hospital emergency room will not cost as much as a similar visit in either Cleveland or Cincinnati. Regardless if you need small business group coverage for employees, or a low-cost plan for your family, we can help.

Affordable benefits are available whether you are married, unmarried, a family, self employed, unemployed, without coverage or on Cobra. Many Central Ohio counties feature extremely competitive rates compared to other parts of the state. Comprehensive, catastrophic and Health Savings Account (HSA) plans are instantly available by clicking on the “Get Instant Quote” section at the top of the page. You can  compare or apply online for individual medical health insurance coverage from the top companies. And we’ll work closely with you to help select the plans that best fit within your budget but provide the benefits that you need.

Counties In The Area

Some of Central Ohio’s counties include Franklin, Madison, Union, Delaware, Licking, Fairfield, Pickaway, Morrow and Knox. UnitedHealthcare’s rates are especially competitive in most of those counties. Their “Copay Plus” and “Copay Saver” plans are comprehensive policies that feature office visits, prescriptions, preventive benefits and major medical coverage. Many additional riders are available including dental and vision. Medical Mutual “Wellness” plans are also very economical options in this part of the state. Aetna and Humana have a few plans that are budget-friendly, especially for single persons.

Although individual HMOs are not available, there are many “low deductible” policies that drastically reduce your portion of a large medical bill. However, these types of policies are much more expensive and may actually cost you quite a bit of extra money in premiums over many years. PPO policies are offered by all of the reputable insurers, and because of the demographics of this part of the state, plenty of  “in-network” facilities are within driving distance.

HSA Options

Ohio Health Savings Policies (HSAs) are a popular option for the self employed or any individual or family. HSAs are an affordable alternative to traditional Central Ohio individual medical insurance plans. It’s a savings account that allows you to pay for current qualified health, dental and vision expenses and save for future expenses while receiving tax benefits. Premiums are typically hundreds of dollars per month less than a low-deductible comprehensive plan. You can also choose the financial institution that administers the savings portion, and randomly make deposits into the account.

For example, a family of four in Franklin County (Male 40 Female 40 and two children) would pay only $196 per month ($5,000 Deductible) or $271 per month ($3,000 Deductible) for an Anthem Blue Cross HSA. Medical Mutual also offers competitive Ohio HSA rates. We do NOT offer coverage through Mega Life or Cinergy Health,  and we’ll be happy to discuss our reasons if you call us.

Whether you need catastrophic, comprehensive or temporary short-term coverage, if you live in Central Ohio,  or any other part of the state, we’ll help you find the right plan at the best available price. Feel free to view an “Instant Quote” online, call us or email us.

Legislative Reform Update For 2010

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Ohio health insurance reform has begun. So far, no major changes have occurred that will affect you. While we believe that the proposed health care reform changes will ultimately  increase Ohio health insurance rates, we””ll continue to monitor the progress and hope that rates stabilize.

Listed below are some of the most recent and relevant news/blog articles:

Health Care Reform Will Cost $115 Billion More

Health Care Reform Package Flawed

Health Care Reform Will Impact Southern Ohio

Small Business Group Joins Health Reform Lawsuit



April  2012. Of course, most of you know that the Supreme Court has heard arguments and is determining the legality  of forcing consumers to purchase health care coverage. A decision should be made within the next 90 days. If the mandate is ruled unconstitutional, the future of the entire “Affordable Care Act” will be in jeopardy. We’ll try to keep you updated. -Ed

August  2012. The mandate is constitutional! So get ready for the Exchanges in 2014. Our website will continue to provide up to date rates and online applications.

January 2017 – The future of Obamacare is murky. President Trump will be tweaking, replacing, or repealing the ACA Legislation. We expect significant changes will be proposed within six months, and by 2019, most of these changes will be effective.

Individual Medical Mutual Ohio Health Insurance Plans

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Medical Mutual Of Ohio has introduced two new plans. The “Elite” and “Premium” copay plans are now available to Buckeye State residents. We offer Medical Mutual policies to families, individuals, and small businesses. We help you determine which plan will cover the benefits that are most important to you. You can apply direct, through an online link, or we can assist you when you enroll for coverage (you never pay any fees).

The “Elite” and “Premium”  plans offer copay coverage (not subject to a deductible) for office visits, specialist visits and Urgent Care visits. Routine physical exams, Well-Child services and Well-Child exams are also not subject to a deductible. Prescription benefits are included, and there is no lifetime cap on claims that are paid for covered benefits. This plan compares quite favorably to UnitedHealthOne’s Copay Select and Anthem’s Premier policies. Rates depend on county of residence, age, tobacco use, and existing medical conditions.

Popular Plan For Families With Children

These types of policies are very popular in households that have at least two small children. Because you are most likely to have multiple non-preventive office visits, it’s important to pay a low amount for these charges. However, for households that have very few medical expenses, a catastrophic or HSA plan may be a better choice. Medical Mutual, Anthem and UnitedHealthcare offer competitively-priced high-deductible plans.

Additional covered benefits for the Medical Mutual Of Ohio “Elite” and “Premier” plans  include inpatient and outpatient services, mental health and substance abuse coverages, home health care and diagnostic services. Optional rider options include prescription benefit upgrade, maternity, dental and vision, and life insurance. Deductibles and copays will vary, depending on the plan. All policies utilize a provider network. Details regarding availability of doctors and hospitals can be found here.

We can review your specific situation to determine if any of the optional riders are worth considering. Maternity rates are very high on these two plans, so if that coverage is desired, we recommend a Humana or Anthem policy. However, a waiting period may be imposed along with a special deductible. And of course, any person (or their spouse) that is pregnant at the time the application is submitted, will be rejected.

Medical Mutual individual health insurance rates appear to be the most competitive in the Cincinnati area and in Northern Ohio. Of course, there are many other smaller pockets of the state where their rates may be quite competitive as well. For additional information, please call us at (888) 513 6446.


January 2017 – Since the publication of this article, MM has revamped its portfolio (both Under-65 and Senior). You can view Medical Mutual health insurance plans on the main website.  Coverage is available for persons under age 65 and Seniors.