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Ohioans May Lose Their Dental Insurance

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is facing a massive budget shortfall of more than $3 billion. Filling that hole is not an easy task and many good programs may have to be cut back or eliminated. Some of the programs (other than dental coverage) at risk include preschool learning, Community health centers and mental health facilities.

The state’s poor could lose their Ohio dental insurance along with vision coverage and other types of care. However, administration officials say they plan to continue these services by temporarily using unspecified funds. Eventually, Strickland hopes the state will win a court case that will release $258 million of tobacco settlement money. If that does not occur, additional sever cutbacks could be coming.

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Cheap Ohio Dental Plans

If you need comprehensive dental coverage instead of a “discount” type of plan, we will probably use Anthem, Medical Mutual or UnitedHealthCare. Please contact us (see top of page) for a free quote. Humana also offers very favorable prices.

Affordable Ohio dental insurance plans are available, regardless if the state cuts aid. A wide variety of plans can be found, with premiums ranging from $10-$70 per month. We’ll be happy to review any of the plans with you. Usually, annual preventive visits and x-rays are covered at or near 100% on most policies. But the larger claims (root canal etc…) can become tricky. You can expect a waiting period on most comprehensive plans, although the duration will vary.

To read more about Ohio’s budget problems and how it may affect you, please click here. Because this is a very fluid topic, budget changes can be made very quickly. Keep in mind that the article was from 2009 so it’s not so relevant any more.


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