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Ohio Medicaid Health Insurance

Ohio Medicaid Health Insurance is available to many Ohio residents and offers two programs for children, families and pregnant women with low income that may not be able to afford medical care. “Healthy Start” and “Healthy Families” are available to state residents that have a social security number and meet certain financial requirements.

“Healthy Start” (also known as “SCHIP”) is available to children under age 19 and pregnant women in families with income up to 200% of the federal poverty level. It does NOT impose a pre-existing condition clause. Once eligible for Medicaid, each child will have access to Healthchek, Ohio’s early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment program. Federal poverty level income requirements can be found here

Healthchek” provides children (through age 20) preventative, diagnosis and treatment services. Eight checkups in the first two years of life along with follow-up annual checkups provide comprehensive health care. Each physical examination includes a medical history review, complete unclothed exam, vision and dental screening and other screenings and services (as needed). We have studied the coverage and are very impressed with the benefits that are offered.

Other  services include hearing and immunization assessments and additional diagnosis and treatment if a potential health problem is discovered. Any necessary lab tests, immunizations and nutritional advice will also be provided. Additional  information can be found here.

“Healthy Families” is a Medicare program available to families with income up to 90% of the federal poverty level. Each family must have a child under age 19. This program provides comprehensive coverage to members including doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital care, mental health services, well-child examinations, and dental and vision services.

To apply for coverage for either plan,” state residents can call (800) 324 8680 or visit the Ohio Government website and apply online.

Residents not eligible for Medicaid can obtain free quotes here from, the state’s premier resource for affordable medical insurance plans.


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