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New Individual Medical Mutual Ohio Health Insurance Plans

Medical Mutual Of Ohio has introduced two new plans. The “Elite” and “Premium” copay plans are now available to Ohio residents. We offer Medical Mutual policies to families or individuals in the state. We’ll help you determine which plan will cover the benefits that are most important to you. We allow you to apply direct, through an online link, or we can assist you when you apply for coverage (you never pay any fees).

The “Elite” and “Premium” individual health plans offer copay coverage (not subject to a deductible) for office visits, specialist visits and Urgent Care visits. Routine physical exams, Well-Child services and Well-Child exams are also not subject to a deductible. Prescription benefits are included and there is no lifetime cap on claims that are paid for covered benefits. This plan compares quite favorably to UnitedHealthOne’s Copay Select and Anthem’s Premier policies.

These types of policies are the most popular in households that have at least two small children. Because you are most likely to have multiple non-preventive office visits, it’s important to pay a low amount for these charges. However, for households that have very few medical expenses, a catastrophic or HSA plan may be a better choice. Medical Mutual, Anthem and UnitedHealthcare would be the best options.

Additional covered benefits for the Medical Mutual Of Ohio “Elite” and “Premier” plans  include inpatient and outpatient services, mental health and substance abuse coverages, home health care and diagnostic services. Optional rider options include prescription benefit upgrade, maternity, dental and vision, and life insurance.

We’ll be happy to review your specific situation to determine if any of the optional riders are worth considering. Maternity rates are very high on these two plans, so if that coverage is desired, we recommend a Humana or Anthem policy.

Medical Mutual individual health insurance rates appear to be the most competitive in the Cincinnati area and in Northern Ohio. Of course, there are many other smaller pockets of the state where their rates may be quite competitive as well. For additional information, please call us at (888) 513 6446.

SuperMed One Elite Plan With Office  Copay

SuperMed One Premium Plan With Office Copay

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8 Responses

  1. Mark Jad says:

    I”m considering a Medical Mutual HSA but don”t need it until next year. Thanks for the info. I”ll be in touch. My group plan is good until next summer when I”m retired.

  2. Um Fan says:

    What blog platform are you using? Also…great site! I had Medical Mutual health insurance at work and will be looking at your HSA plans one of these days. I like the 100% coverage after the deductible.

  3. host gator says:

    Very decent website. Medical Mutual is my top choice. I did email you a few questions.

  4. Bill says:

    The Medical Mutual HSA you talked about is probably what I will apply for. It looks like when I hit the “Apply” button, I can apply online or copy the application. Not sure which one I will do but the $2500 deductible is what I will choose.

  5. Jack from Toledo says:

    Great information. We just moved to Ohio from Illinois. We need coverage next week so looking for a quick approval. No conditions for anybody and no medications. Leaning towards Medical Mutual Wellness HSA.

  6. Milwaukee Kid says:

    I really like Medical Mutual. I have an HSA with them and am looking to help my sister with the same type of plan. Her health is good and she does not have coverage right now.

  7. Jeff Stearnes says:

    I had Medical Mutual before with my employer and liked them. That’s why I am looking for an individual plan.

  8. Big Red says:

    I have had Medical Mutual before and I like them. I assume these individual plans are similar. The Elite plan is the one I will apply for. Thanks.