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Cincinnati Medical Plans – Affordable Queen City Healthcare Coverage

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Health insurance costs for Hamilton County and Cincinnati residents continue to remain low. While many other areas of the country have experienced sharp rate increases, prices in Hamilton County and the surrounding areas have remained very affordable. Private medical coverage is easy to apply for, and both single and family policies are available. Along with private policy options, large employers in the area (General Electric, Proctor And Gamble, Kroger, and the University of Cincinnati).

We specialize in finding the most reliable medical plans at the absolute lowest available cost. We work directly with all of the top-rated companies so you can be assured of always comparing the top plans for the type of benefits you need. Regardless if you reside in Hamilton County, or nearby Clermont, Warren, or Butler County, several low-cost options are typically available. The  Southwestern portion of the state also features large provider networks.

Low-Cost Cincinnati Health Plans

For example, cheap high-deductible catastrophic coverage for a healthy 40-year old husband and wife in the Cincinnati area costs approximately $150-$200 per month. Molina, Medical Mutual, and Ambetter offer the most competitive rates. Comprehensive coverage costs approximately $230-$490 per month. CareSource also offers private individual coverage. Rates in Northern Ohio, for similar coverage, are approximately 15%-20% higher. Note: Rates are based on a household income of $35,000. Higher or lower incomes will impact the amount of federal subsidy.

Ohio Medical Coverage

Pay Less For Your Cincinnati Health Insurance Plan

If minimizing the rate, and tax-deducting medical expenses is a major priority, then an HSA policy should be considered. There are several plans that will be easy on your pocketbook, offering rates that are typically less expensive than most Silver-tier options. And by taking advantage of local Network providers, you’ll further reduce your costs. This link provides additional HSA information.

Several factors can affect rates, such as your age, county of residence, and smoking status. The type of plan you choose will also impact the price. For example, a low-deductible plan with maximum out-of-pocket expenses less than $3,000 will cost much more than a higher-deductible plan with maximum out-of-pocket expenses higher than $7,000.

Perhaps one the most overlooked factors that is used in determining your rate is your zip code. In the past, the 452 zip code featured extremely attractive rates from Medical Mutual, especially their Health Savings Accounts. Oddly, in the 451 zip code, UnitedHealthcare’s rates became quite high compared to their normal rates in the surrounding area. Part of our service is to ensure you know which carriers are the best choice for your needs.

Senior Medigap Options

Medicare Supplement, Advantage, and Part D prescription drug plans are available. Carriers offering Senior products in SW Ohio include Aetna, Anthem, Buckeye, Caresource, Coventry, Gateway, Health Alliance, Humana, Medical Mutual, MediGold, MeridianCare, Molina, Paramount, Premier, Prime Time Health, RiverLink, SummaCare, The Health Plan, and UnitedHealthcare.

We’re located just North of Kings Island and monitor local prices very closely. With more than three decades of experience (my, time flies!) we are the region’s premier expert authority on identifying policies that meet your quality standards and also are easy on your pocketbook. You can call us for a quote or use the “Quote” section in the top part of the page. Don’t worry. Your information is secure and is not shared like many other websites.

Individual Medical Coverage In The Buckeye State – Under/Over Age 65

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If your Ohio employer does not offer you medical insurance benefits, than an individual healthcare plan is your best choice. We show you the most popular private policies that allow you to select the coverages you want at the least expensive prices. If you are a resident of the state and are either not currently covered, or simply wish to lower your rates, we can help. Many major carriers offer a wide selection of plans in most areas of the Buckeye State.

Some of the most popular individual policies are “Value” plans (catastrophic-tier level). They provide respectable major medical coverage for catastrophic and hospital needs. However,  private rates are kept low by reducing the number of covered office visits and limiting coverage for non-generic prescriptions. Preventative benefits are fully covered on these types of policies. For example, once the policy is approved, there would be no waiting period to schedule a routine annual physical, child well-check visit or a qualified OBGYN visit.

Adffordable Private Medical Coverage In Ohio

You Can Find Cheap Ohio Individual Health Care Plans

You must be aware of an”Open Enrollment” period when applying for your own coverage. If the policy does not guarantee acceptance, you can apply for coverage at any time. An approval can be granted from a day to a few weeks, depending on the type of benefits you are purchasing. We help you determine the exact policies you should be applying for and what companies are your best choices. If you are denied coverage, typically, several additional options are available.

For example, if you have no significant medical concerns, an individual short-term policy could be easily approved within minutes. If you  are waiting for your group contract to begin and only need a few months of coverage, the application process can be completed in less than 20 minutes. If medical records need to be ordered (which is not often), the process will take longer. Note: Many carriers, such as Cigna, Kaiser, and Keystone, do not offer short-term plans.

When shopping for a personal (or family) “Value” plan, it is important to only consider “name” reputable health insurance companies. Never purchase “discount plans.” Companies that sell discounted contracts  are usually located outside of Ohio and charge a large upfront application fee. Benefit descriptions are often vague, and contact information is generally quite confusing.

And trying to get a refund from them is about as pleasant as having a root canal. If you suspect the carrier is not legitimate, contact us and we’ll provide a free research report on any complaint issues they have handles or the validity of the contracts they are offering to the public.

Some of the best individual Ohio personal health insurance “Value” Plans are:

Anthem “SmartSense”

Aetna “Preventative and Hospital”

United HealthCare “Copay Select Value”

Celtic “Basic”

Humana “Monogram”

Medical Mutual “Wellness”

Naturally, before making a selection, it’s always advisable to review your particular situation and we will carefully advise you of all of the existing options. We’ll be happy to provide quotes for those plans or you can start the process yourself at the top of each page on our website.

Can’t Get Health Insurance In Ohio?

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So you can’t get health insurance in Ohio? And you have been denied by three companies. Well…you do have some options. And I am not referring to limited benefit or discount plans that are very vague in what benefits they provide and which carrier you are dealing with. You actually can purchase quality coverage from a reputable insurer, through HIPAA, Open Enrollment or an underwritten policy.

As a result of HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act), four Ohio health insurance policies are available through Anthem. Contracts range from basic catastrophic to comprehensive major medical coverage. The basic “CMM” plans will often offer lower premiums, but feature lower benefits. The “HIC” options are generally more expensive and include additional coverages such as prescription copays and unlimited lifetime benefits.

Pre-existing conditions are generally included and the policy can be treated as short-term or long-term coverage. Each policy is issued by Anthem Blue Cross and uses the the large Anthem network for doctors and hospitals. You also may view a brochure that explains the specific details. And we’ll provide the simple application so you can apply for a policy.

Low Cost Plans Are Available

We Will Find Affordable Ohio Medical Insurance

In 2014, a State Exchange will be set up (although we believe it may be delayed) when it becomes the law that you must buy medical coverage on yourself and family members. Since all plans at that time will not be underwritten, almost every applicant should be able to qualify for one of the policies being offered. There will be four tiers of benefits (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze). Naturally, the higher tiers will be the most expensive since they have lower potential out of pocket costs.

We’ll help you decide which option will be best for your unique situation. By taking into consideration any medications or other conditions you have, we can customize coverage from the  options you are offered, so that you pay the lowest possible premium.

Also, depending on your household income, we’ll review the amount of tax credits you will receive that will further lower your rate. If you’re not eligible for tax relief, then we may look at policies “outside” of the Exchange, which may be more cost-effective. Additional information about Exchange Rates In Ohio is available.

If you have no major medical conditions (or perhaps some minor ones), than you should easily be able to qualify for an underwritten plan. Our free quote engine (typically located at the top of the page) will show you the best offers from all of the biggest and most popular companies. Of course, we’ll be happy to help you compare all of the different offers since there may be quite a few plans to choose from.

So…if you still think you can’t get health insurance in Ohio and you would like additional information on these plans, including current rates, please call or email us. Your personal information is never shared with any other third party.

Also, if you feel you can’t qualify for medical benefits and you are not eligible for COBRA, the Ohio Risk Pool may an option worth considering. You must be denied by two carriers and be without coverage for six months. But rates are fairly competitive and the coverage is comparable to many large group policies through employers.

Obama’s Ohio Health Care Myths

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Health care reform is one of the Ohio’s most contentious issues. President Obama wants government-sponsored health care, hoping costs will reduce. Insurers and doctors are concerned that patients will have fewer choices under Obama’s plan. Drug companies fear that quality of our health care will reduce. Consumers don’t want to be forced to buy plans they don’t want.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine the difference between myth and fact. One common myth is that Ohio consumers overwhelmingly want to see the current health care system changed. But that’s not true since recent polls indicate roughly half of Ohioans and the US population want to maintain the current system. While the current way is not perfect, perhaps it should be tweaked instead of overhauled. For example, HSAs are very popular and most employer-provided plans are partially-paid by the business owners.

Liz Peek wrote a very interesting article about Obama’s five “Health Care Myths.” I don’t necessarily agree with all of her assertions, but there are some very valid points she raises. If you’re concerned about Ohio health care, you’ll be interested in reading this article.

You can read the article in its entirety here.

UPDATE: December 2012  I guess she was right!

Assurant Ohio Health Insurance Plans

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Assurant Ohio health insurance plans can be purchased in all areas of the state. Not only are major medical policies available, but fixed-benefit and supplemental contracts are offered, which are often not available through other carriers. Based in Wisconsin, they are publicly traded and also provide small businesses with affordable options.

One important consideration is their rates. In most parts of the state, their prices are higher than other carriers. For example, the monthly cost for comprehensive coverage (husband/wife ages 45 with two children) is $624, compared to United HealthCare’s rate of $389. Aetna’s premium is $479 and Anthem’s  is $503. Assurant’s “MaxPlan” was compared to the most similar policy from the other carriers. Current costs will actually be higher for all carriers since these figures were from a few years ago.

Affordable Assurant Medical Coverage Ohio

Assurant Has Competitive High Deductible Rates

Assurant’s HSA insurance rates are also quite high. The monthly cost for a $5700 family deductible is $408. Anthem’s rate for a $6000 deductible is only $306 and United HealthCare’s rate for a $5000 family deductible is only $326. Plan coverages are very similar. However, there are a few pockets of the state where their premiums are competitive. Usually, this would be situations when a $10,000 or $20,000 deductible is preferred.

Assurant also offers policies at reduced rates, including the “CoreMed” plan. But coverages are greatly diminished and similar plans are also available from most of Ohio’s other carriers. We don’t think this is a bad policy, but we simply feel there are better values from the other carriers. However, the CoreMed policy is one of the few contracts that can offer a $25,000 deductible which will substantially reduce the price.

An additional concern is the “complaint ratio” with the Ohio Department of Insurance. In 2007, the complaint ratio was twice as high as the other major Ohio health insurance carriers. In prior years, Assurant’s ratios were also quite high. However, recently, those figures have improved. When we examined the most recent published statistics, the ratios had come down quite a bit.

Our relationship with Assurant has always been positive and we hope that some day their rates will be competitive again. With looming changes coming in 2014 when the State Exchange is operative, it is possible that they will perhaps tweak or create a policy that is both competitively priced and popular with consumers.

For now, they continue to offer somewhat attractive temporary health care rates. The policy is solid and applications are approved within 48 hours. In fact, we recommend this plan for child health insurance coverage. Since most companies will NOT offer “children only” contracts if they are under age 19, this policy will provide some relief. Although it is very basic, it will give you a cheap alternative to covering a young dependent.

The “Fixed Benefit” plan that Assurant offers may be their most attractively priced and marketable product. If you’re looking for the deductible, you won’t find it. That’s because there is none! The policy pays you a pre-determined benefit on many expenses. Any amount above that specified benefit would be your responsibility.

For example, an ER visit might pay between $100 and $400 per visit and inpatient or outpatient surgeries will have a fixed dollar amount that is paid. When you combine these payments with the negotiated provider discount, many of your medical bills will be paid. Although the coverage is still less than a standard comprehensive policy, underwriting is much more lenient so there will be specific instances that this option should be considered.