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Reduce The Deductible On Your Ohio Health Insurance Policy

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A relatively unknown feature of many medical plans, makes reducing the deductible on your Ohio health insurance policy possible without increasing your rate.  UnitedHealthcare and Assurant now offer reductions to your major medical deductible if you meet certain conditions. It’s very possible if you and other family members remain healthy, your potential medical  out-of-pocket expenses will come down. Here’s a quick look at each company’s program:


UnitedHealthCare’s “deductible credit” provides a 20% reduction  on your policy every year you don’t meet that amount. This discount will be applied every year until you reach 50%, which is the maximum. The savings can be substantial, especially if you have a high deductible, such as $10,000. Even on lower amounts, it’s an easy way to save money if you have a big in-hospital  or other large claim. It’s also incentive, of course, for you to stay with UHC for many years.

So, hypothetically, if you rarely (if ever) meet your deductible, you could effectively  lower your premium by selecting a higher amount, wait a few years and eventually it becomes that lower amount you wanted! But you saved a few thousand dollars every year (assuming a family plan). This isn’t a bad concept! Maybe UnitedHealthCare’s  plan is even better than we thought! And they are one of the few carriers to offer this feature. In most areas of the state, they are a competitive option.

Lower Your Healthcare Deductible

Earn Deductible Dollars When You Do Not Submit Claims

The most cost-effective plans offered by UHC are their “Saver 80,” “Copay Select” and HSA policies, so these options may be best suited to consider the  credit during the purchase process. The “Copay Select” is the most expensive plan of the three, since it includes an office visit and prescription copay. However, that means this feature is more valuable on this particular policy.


Assurant offers a “One Decreasing Deductible” feature that uses “credits” twice per year in the amount of 10% of your current choice. These “credits” accumulate and are posted the first day of January and July once your personal policy has been in effect for 60 days. If you have met  the amount within the last 12 months, the credit still is applied.

It’s possible that your plan deductibles could decrease to $1,500 for an individual and $3,000 for a family. Total reduction could be as much as 50%-70%. Not too shabby! However, this benefit is only available on Assurant policies with 100% coinsurance. And in most areas of Ohio, Assurant’s rates tend to be rather high, although they seem to be reducing. Their VERY high out-of-pocket plans are the most competitive.

What about Anthem BC, Aetna and Medical Mutual? Not quite yet although Anthem does offer this benefit in Indiana. We expect more companies to offer a variation of this coverage within the next 12-24 months. And, most importantly, often, you are still better off with a policy from a company that does not have the vanishing deductible option. The rates and coverage may be superior to the companies that have it.

Regardless, we always give you an unbiased opinion, the lowest available Ohio health insurance rates and three easy ways to apply for coverage. If a “vanishing deductible” concept is cost-effective for your specific situation, we will recommend it.

Ohio Health Insurance Exchange Will Not Cover Abortion

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Abortion coverage will not be provided by Exchange plans in the Buckeye State. John Kasich, Ohio’s Governor, signed a bill that prohibits the purchase of any policy in the Marketplace that covers abortion. Naturally, opponents and supporters of the bill voiced their opinion on the legislation.

The group “Ohio Right To Life” generally supports the bill, agreeing that consumers have a right to health care, but not at the expense of a “death to an innocent child.” The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is not happy with the bill and has threatened to sue the state. Other smaller groups and organizations have also expressed strong opinions on this very contentious subject.

Who Pays For Ohio Abortions?

One of the key issues is whether citizens of the state should be forced to pay for abortions if “Obamacare” is fully implemented. Individual states are allowed to exclude abortion from covered benefits if it is stipulated by law. This recently signed bill actually originated in 2010 and had both Democratic and Republican support in June of this year. It would not be surprising to see other states pass similar bills.

Of course, the “Exchange” may never become a reality anyhow since it is part of the controversial Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”). Currently, OH residents can purchase a wide variety of policies at affordable rates directly through our website or other  insurers and brokers. The purchase process is relative simply and usually, experienced unbiased assistance is available.

However, if the Ohio Health Insurance Exchange does ever go into effect (probably 2014 or perhaps earlier), consumers may not have the choices they have now, and may not enjoy the free advice of experienced licensed professionals. As a government-run entity, many questions still remain on how high medical rates will become and how quickly they’ll increase.

Although federal subsidies will offset some of these costs (not all of them), it remains unclear who will ultimately pay for them. Most of the details (we hope) would be worked out by 2014 although full implementation will not be completed until well after that date. Because pre-existing conditions will be automatically covered, and no medical questions will be required, rates will undoubtedly increase. The unanswered variable is how much of the increase will be covered by federal subsidies.

Future Of ACA Legislation

Regardless of the future of the Protection And Affordable Care Act, We will continue to provide the most current information needed to properly compare your options. Ohioans like (and demand) to work with a local experienced firm that provides the lowest cost policies and is available to explain in detail individual and family options.

So…whether the Exchange gets off the ground or not, your best bet may be working directly with us, so we can guide you through the process. And as most of you know, we will continue to offer the lowest rates that are offered for private medical insurance here in Ohio.


April 2016 – Obamacare is still alive although not doing as well as many had expected. UnitedHealthcare may not offer Marketplace plans in Pennsylvania next year, and many other carriers are losing millions of dollars by paying more claims than anticipated.

Can I Trust Purchasing Ohio Medical Insurance Online?

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Is it safe to buy your health insurance policy through a website? Yes. When you purchase a medical plan online through us, any information you provide is kept private and the quoted prices are the best rates you can find from any broker, internet site or directly through an insurer. You save time and money while you are getting expert guidance from a local resource.

Most applications and enrollments are submitted online through a link you are provided on our website. You create your own log-in name and password that only you know. Any information you provide is electronically forwarded to the carrier. We do not view any of the details unless you allow it. Of course, we help you throughout the entire enrollment process. If you apply during an Open Enrollment period, no medical questions will be asked and an instant federal tax credit (subsidy) will be applied to the premium.

Fax Or Email Applications

You can also trust the other methods of purchasing coverage. Many customers  prefer to fax or email the actual applications. We provide a secure email and fax system that ensures that only ONE person will receive your paperwork before the insurer receives the enrollment form. Depending on the company, it’s possible you may not have to provide any type of billing information when you apply. Of course, we’re always happy to explain each company’s guidelines. And we make it very easy and understandable for you.

However, the simpler and quickest method of securing coverage is the provided online link. Correspondence is forwarded to you directly, and you can easily request to change benefits, billing, or the persons named on the policy.

Plans From All Companies Are Available

The plans you see on our website are the best policies offered by each Ohio health insurance company. There are more than 500 available plan combinations so we carefully choose the best 40-80 policies that provide the most benefits for the lowest price. We realize that’s still too many to consider, so upon request, we’ll look at your specific requirements, and pick out the best 4-8 policies. Just call or email us.

We understand that every individual or family has different needs. For some, low office visit copays and mid-range deductibles may be important. For others, high deductibles and cheap premiums may be what they are looking for. If you tell us what type of coverage you want, we’ll save you a lot of time and money by finding it for you.

Making The Best Choice

Sometimes, Anthem Blue Cross is the best available choice. But many times Medical Mutual Rates In Ohio, UnitedHealthcare, or perhaps even a smaller company such as Premier will provide the specific benefits you need, and also include the specialists and/or hospitals that are critical to your treatment. We’re here to advise you and make the decision-making process easy.

As an extremely trustworthy resource for Ohio consumers that buy health insurance online, we never accept any advertising, and do not allow commercial content to be displayed on our website . The combination of live assistance and modern technology that we provide, is a potent combination!

So yes, it is indeed very safe to apply for coverage online in Ohio. We’ll help you qualify for the lowest possible rates and make sure you’re comparing the most suitable  policies for your unique needs.

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Against Obamacare

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Obamacare health insurance took a hit this week when the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that an amendment blocking the controversial healthcare overhaul can, and will be on the ballot in November. Ohioans can now vote to exclude themselves from a federal law that would require the purchase of medical coverage plans.

ProgressOhio had claimed that many signatures on the original petition should not have counted. But the Ohio Court disagreed, after considering the allegations and reviewing more than 400,000 signatures. secretary of State Jon Husted also verified that the signatures were authentic.

The Buckeye State Already Has Low Rates

Currently Ohio health insurance rates are among the lowest in the US. Inexpensive individual and family plans are available at prices that are generally 20%-50% less than many other states. We provide free comparison shopping to consumers, who can freely select the company and type of coverage they want. It’s likely that freedom will be ending if national healthcare reform, in its present format, is fully enacted in 2014.

The Supreme Court will also be ruling in 2012 (June?) to determine if individuals can be forced to buy healthcare. If the SP rules it is not illegal to be uninsured, a key piece of Obamacare will be stripped away, and many carriers may choose not to offer Marketplace coverage.

Jo Jingles of Reuters wrote an excellent article providing additional information. Here it is.


April 2016 – The Supreme Court did uphold the law requiring citizens to buy qualified medical coverage. Currently, the non-compliance penalty is a maximum of 2.5% of household income.

How Much Does It Cost To Compare Quotes On This Website?

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Your Health Insurance Quotes Are Free!

I’m probably asked a few times per week how much we charge, what are our fees, and are the  quotes free? I assure you that the information we provide is always accurate, unbiased, and without cost or obligation. Prices, benefits, and plan availability is always regularly updated and any Marketplace or legislative changes are immediately applied.

With 35 years of experience, you won’t find a more unbiased resource for individual and family medical coverage. Whether it’s Anthem Blue Cross, Humana, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, SummaCare, CareSource, Ambetter, Medical Mutual or any other carrier, the rates you receive are the lowest each company offers. Also, new Exchange companies, such as Paramount Health Insurance Plans In Ohio, are reviewed. Our “quote engine” allows you to instantly compare your options from all companies, and enroll online in less than 20 minutes.

And not only are the quotes free, but when you apply for coverage through our website, we’ll help guide you through the application, keep you updated on the progress, and review the policy to make sure the rate and coverage is acceptable to you. Whether you keep your policy 10 days or 10 years, we will always be available to help you with any coverage, billing or claim issues.

As your household income changes, you may need to adjust your federal subsidy (if applicable) or change to a different plan that better matches your existing medical conditions. Also, if you become eligible for Medicare, the transition from standard coverage to Senior benefits will probably lower your premium. Medicare Supplement plans will immediately become available and we will help you compare and identify your best options.

Here Comes Obamacare!

When the  goes into effect in 2014, consumers will have the option of purchasing coverage through this “Exchange,” a myriad of plans, rates and tax credit jargon that will likely be very confusing. Assuming Obamacare is not repealed or stricken down by the Supreme Court, we will continue to provide guidance and assistance when applying for  coverage. We will also provide advice and support regarding any tax credit issues. But so much can change (recent legislation), in a short period of time. We’ll certainly keep you updated.

And if you want to call us…the phone call is also free! If after viewing your quotes you need our help, just call us at (888) 513 6446. If you get the dreaded voicemail, we’ll try to return the call as quickly as possible. If you would like to be contacted by email, we’re available until midnight most nights!