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New Anthem Blue Cross Plans In Ohio

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There’s a new affordable Anthem Blue Cross plan in Ohio. Individual medical insurance plans in the Buckeye state are typically priced low and feature a large number of participating doctors and other providers. But this option is fairly cheap, provides comprehensive benefits and will save you money on your medical coverage.

Anthem BC has introduced its “SmartSense” plans, an affordable alternative to its more expensive “Premier” plan. Three PCP/Specialist office visits are covered with a $35 copay. A deductible applies to any remaining office visit. The savings can easily be hundreds of dollars per month on may family plans where a higher deductible is selected.

This new policy is ideal for individuals or families that want comprehensive benefits without having to pay “top dollar” for it. The price is right and it has become very popular. You can also find additional information regarding applying for an Anthem Ohio plan.

Cheap Anthem Ohio Health Insurance

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Generic formulary, plus limited number of brand-name drugs are subject to a $15 copay or 60%, whichever is higher. Non-formulary prescription drugs are not covered. However, often a non-generic prescription is prescribed or you can request a generic alternative to a more expensive prescription.

Most Ohio individual health insurance plans include some adult preventative coverage. The “SmartSense” plan, unfortunately, only covers Mammography and Pap Tests after the deductible. Child preventative services are covered after the deductible. (NOTE- All preventative benefits are now covered at 100% due to new legislation that was passed in 2010)

For additional details, please call us at (888) 513-6446 or utilize the contact page.

Hazardous Health Insurance Plans In Ohio

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Most consumers don’t worry about the quality of their medical insurance policy. Usually, the company they bought the policy from is reputable, such as UnitedHealthcare, Aetna or Anthem. And if coverage was purchased online, there are many ways to verify that a website is safe and secure.

But maybe all is not as it appears. There are many plans that are overpriced, filled with exclusions and don’t provide coverage for minimum essential benefits, that are mandated by law.

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Consumer Reports published their “Seven Signs A Health Plan Might Be Junk.” They recommend avoiding plans with these features:

·        Limitations on specific benefits

·        Low or vague policy maximums

·   Incredibly low premiums that seem too good to be true        

·        Nominal or missing coverage for the important benefits

·        Ceilings on preventive items

·        Random phrases that appear very confusing or misleading

The entire article can be found here.

Of course, now (four years after this article was written), tougher standards are in place and federal legislation now requires a basic set of preventive benefits to be included in all non-short term plans. Even Medicare supplement policies are subject to rigorous guidelines.

Here’s some good news: NEVER promotes or provides applications for any type of “discounted” plan. We believe that your personal health insurance coverage in Ohio should be issued by a recognized and highly-rated carrier that maintains a large network of established physicians, medical facilities and hospitals.

Why Do Some Prescriptions Cost More Than Others?

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Ohio health insurance companies divide all drugs into categories (tiers) based on cost and use. “Generic” drugs are the least expensive type of prescription. They typically cost between $3 and $10 and are available from most pharmacies in the state, including Walmart, Target, major grocery chains, Walgreens and CVS.

Preferred drugs don’t have a generic equivalent, but they still tend to be fairly inexpensive. They may cost between $10 and $40, depending on the condition that is being treated. Tier Three options are more expensive and are not very common. But they are more expensive than generic and preferred alternatives.

Best RX Coverage in Ohio Health Insurance

Most Health Insurance Plans In Ohio Have RX Benefits

Specialty drugs are the most expensive. Usually they are used with very serious medical conditions that involve a very specialized (and sometimes radical) type of treatment. A few examples are treatment for cancer rejection or rheumatoid arthritis. Your copay and/or coinsurance will tend to be fairly high for this type of prescription.

By purchasing medicines directly through the mail (mail order), often your out of pocket costs will reduce. Most major insurers offer this feature and the savings can be substantial, especially if it is an ongoing purchase. Home delivery is convenient and usually the drugs are delivered every 90 days.


Prescription Drug Information Video

Most Ohio health insurance plans (either current or through the Exchange after 2014) provide mandated prescription benefits. Although the copays may differ, there is no annual or lifetime cap, which is extremely important if you are taking an expensive medication.”Platinum” policies will have the best benefits.

Please call or email us if you have concerns or questions regarding RX benefits on an existing policy or new health insurance coverage in Ohio that you intent to buy. We can explain which plans will offer the most coverage for your prescriptions but at the lowest cost.

Delphi, Retirees Reach Agreement On Health Care And Benefits

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Ohio white-collar retirees from  Delphi Corp. could be getting some help with their health care costs after a tentative agreement was reached between the bankrupt company and a committee representing those retirees. The settlement must be approved by Delphi’s creditors and the bankruptcy court.

The company will contribute $8.75 million into a separate fund that will be established to subsidize medical costs for salaried retirees.

The fund also covers the cost of creating a Voluntary Employees’ Benefit Association (VERA), a system that covers health care insurance costs with tax-free funds. A national health care program will be selected to manage the fund.

Delphi estimates that it will cost the typical retiree between $300 and $660 per month to maintain coverage, while family coverage could cost as much as $1,800 per month. Dental coverage would cost between $45 and $125 extra, depending on whether individual or family coverage is requested.

Earlier this year, a U.S. Bankruptcy judge allowed Delphi to abruptly terminate health care and life insurance benefits for its current and future salaried employees.

We offer professional local advice to Delphi employees. All major companies are researched to find high quality Ohio health care at the guaranteed lowest available cost.

How Safe Is Your Ohio Insurance Policy?

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Are you concerned about the safety of your insurance here in Ohio? Should you be concerned? Probably. You pay (and sometimes invest) a lot of money throughout your lifetime on insurance coverage so you deserve to know where the money is going.

A $170 billion federal bailout is the only thing keeping insurance heavyweight AIG afloat. And many other companies are losing millions of dollars every quarter. Insurance companies invest heavily in the stock market and real-estate market…which have generated massive losses in the last 12 months.

But…don’t worry. Your policy is quite safe! The Ohio Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association was created to protect policyholders, up to specific limits, against financial failure of an insurance company licensed to sell those types of policies in the state.

You can read more about this Association here.

A few additional points to consider:

·        Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are not included

·        Policies sold by insurers not licensed to do business in Ohio are not included.

·        The Guarantee Association can provide this coverage because it collects money, through assessments from insurance carriers here in the Buckeye state.

·        The Ohio Department of Insurance regulates the Association.

Many consumers are worried about the impact of “The Affordable Care Act” on their personal and business health insurance policies. Although rates are expected to rise when the Ohio Healthcare Exchange is fully functioning in 2014, you can help protect yourself by staying informed and applying for the right plan.

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An experienced and reliable website (like ours) will guide you through the process of evaluating, comparing and purchasing a plan, so you can be certain your coverage is with a safe carrier. There are plenty of questionable policies that have low ratings or are simply not rated at all.

When purchasing a policy, make certain the carrier is an “A” rated company and licensed to do business in Ohio. We can always research and verify the background of any company. If you have any questions regarding the safety of any company, please contact us.