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Low cost Ohio life insurance plans are now available. Our sister site, offers the lowest rates available in the US. We research all of the major “A” rated Ohio  companies and allow you to instantly view and compare the different plans. This type of policy is often used when you need a high amount of coverage, and keeping premiums low is a priority.

Our online state-of-the-art quote engine makes it easy to compare the most affordable policies available today. Term life benefits can be purchased for a specific length of time (usually 5-30 years). Most policies guarantee the rate will not increase during the lifetime of the policy, which makes determining the correct face amount of coverage much easier.

Cheap Ohio Life Insurance Rates

Instant Online Term Life Quotes

Many companies allow you to “convert” to a different form of coverage without having to answer medical questions. Although converting may lower your long-term costs, it may not be the correct solution for you. We’ll help you determine if a conversion is best for you and the carrier that provides the best contract for your unique situation.

The most popular length of term life coverage is between 15 and 25 years. This allows ample time for substantially paying off a mortgage or raising children. And because term coverage is quite inexpensive, more of your income can be used for retirement purposes, such as 401K programs, Roth IRAs and other tax-deferred investments.”Investing the difference” makes good financial sense as long as you follow through with setting a specific amount aside each month (or year).

10-year plans are also offered at a reduced rate and work best if your children are over the age of 12, or perhaps 14. That way, when your policy expires, your children (hopefully!) are self-sustaining and are no longer dependent on you. Of course, with an uncertain economy, it is hard to accurately predict these types of things.

Although there are many types of available contracts, “Guaranteed level”  insures that both the premium and face amount of life insurance do not decrease. Generally, this type of policy includes a renewal option which allows coverage to continue at a maximum guaranteed rate. However, the renewal may not be guaranteed and it is possible that you would have to answer medical questions or pass a physical.

As Ohio’s Trusted website for Ohio medical plans, we have helped thousands of residents with their health care needs. But we also provide affordable life insurance from the top US companies. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote or click here.

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