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Low cost individual Hamilton County (Ohio) health insurance plans can be viewed and purchased from this website. We help you find the most competetive rates on the most popular policies.Prices are always the lowest provided by the insurers, and affordable plans are offered by the major Cincinnati area insurers, such as Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHealthOne, Medical Mutual, Aetna and Humana. Typically, southwestern Ohio rates are among the lowest available in the state.


When purchasing Ohio health care coverage , it is extremely important to work with an experienced broker located in the area. Many online health insurance websites are not familiar with Cincinnati health plans because they are not located in Ohio. Also, it is likely that many of the out-of-state websites will sell your information to other brokers across the country. And unless you enjoy irritating phone calls and emails, it may not be a pleasant experience. We are located just North of Kings Island, so we closely watch and monitor rates and specific details that may be changing.


Cincinnati individual health insurance policies are quite affordable when compared with other parts of the state. Anthem’s comprehensive plans (Premier and SmartSense) are usually very competitively priced, if you feel office visit and prescriptions coverages are important to have. UnitedHealthone’s “Copay Select” individual plan offers comprehensive coverages at extremely attractive rates. But in Hamilton county, Medical Mutual must always be considered. Their HSA rates are usually the lowest available option. Also, the Medical Mutual “Elite” policy is one of the best comprehensive plans offered in the area.


Ohio individual health insurance rates substantially reduce when you consider plans that limit the number of covered office visits and the type of covered prescriptions. Aetna’s “Preventative & Hospital Care” and UnitedHealthOne’s “Copay Saver” plans limit office visit and prescription coverage, but offer a low cost alternative to higher-priced Cincinnati health coverage. Catastrophic plans (UnitedHealthOne’s Saver 80 plan) are very popular to persons that are concerned only with major medical expenses. We’ll be happy to customize coverage so it perfectly fits your needs.


Low cost individual Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have also grown in popularity in recent years. An HSA provides the opportunity to tax-deduct a portion of your medical expenses, and also provide 100% coverage after a deductible has been met. Perhaps the best low cost HSAs for the Cincinnati area are the Anthem Lumenos and Medical Mutual’s SuperMed One Wellness plans. Preventative benefits are paid without having to meet the deductible and rates are much lower than conventional plans.


Private individual  health insurance is available in Hamilton County and most parts of the state. provides unbiased advice and information for consumers. The quotes you view on our website are free and our responsibility is to find the policies that best meet your specific needs. We take our job seriously and have more than 30 years of experience in the Cincinnati market.

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5 Responses

  1. Jeff G. says:

    Just saw your article. Thanks for the information. Actually, I wanted short-term coverage and according to your website, Anthem might be good for me.

  2. Dep says:

    Really nice information about health insurance, we are planning to buy one. I will ask my husband to have a look of the website and plan for us.

  3. Jack says:

    I live in Hamilton County and it seems as if the Med Mutual HSA is a good plan. I”m looking for discounts on office visits and a large deductible.

  4. Jeff rom Kenwood says:

    Nice rates. I live in Cincinnati so your website is a blessing to find. Jeff.

  5. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Local Cinncy boy here appreciates your website taking the time to focus on particular cities. I’m a Cincinnati born and raised person just trying to buy health insurance!