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So you need to buy an Ohio health insurance plan. You want an affordable high quality policy and want to make sure you are getting the best deal. And it is also important that you are working with licensed experts that can provide guidance and expertise with no obligation or cost.

Congratulations! Somehow, you have made it to the right place. We feature company-direct rates and make it very simple to apply for coverage directly through our website. We can help you pick the right plan or you can compare costs and benefits on your own. Whether you know exactly what type of benefits you need or are relying on our assistance, we assure you that the best Ohio health insurance deals are here.

Shopping For Plans

When you go shopping for plans, it’s important to establish a budget and also have a clear understanding of the type of coverage you want. If you have small children, of course well-baby visits and immunizations may be high on your list of priorities.Is it important to have mental illness or visits to a chiropractor covered? If not, why pay extra when you don’t have too.

Conversely, if you are primarily concerned with protecting your assets by adequately covering  large hospital and ER bills, then obviously, you will need a different type of policy. We will help you avoid the mistakes that many people make when purchasing a policy, and also help you understand the total benefits and costs of the plans you are considering. The more knowledgeable you are about your benefits, the easier it will become to pick the best options.

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We Will Save You Money!

What we do best is carefully compare hundreds (Yes, we really look at that many) of different options from the most highly-rated carriers. Some of these companies include Medical Mutual, Anthem Blue Cross (Wellpoint), Golden Rule (UnitedHealthcare), Aetna and Humana.

You won’t see any “no-name” carriers because we purposely omit them since they usually are more expensive and don’t provide essential benefits. And we make it easy to shop each company. For instance we have a single page devoted to the best Anthem BC rates.

We rate each policy for what out of pocket costs you are likely to incur, how cost-effective the plan will be, based on your claims history, and the projected stability of the premium. Naturally, if the average annual rate increase is 20%, we will not recommend that plan. As you can see, we customize our research so you are truly getting the best deal.

The Human Factor

But perhaps the most important element in the process is the human factor. The content on this website and all of the information you are provided, is generated by live persons, who live here in Ohio and have been licensed brokers since 1980. Yes, that is indeed a long time! We believe that a combination of our human interaction (phone, email, in person or whatever!) and superior technology always outperforms a random E-website that provides rates, plan descriptions and high-turnover employees that are reading from a script.

Of course we utilize the most advanced software to provide all of the specific policy details and live instant quotes. But when you are communicating with us, either by phone, email or in person, that’s where you notice the difference most. You’ll quickly understand the level of experience and understanding we have and how easily we can help you understand how copays, deductibles and network discounts affect your rates.

Quite simply, we earned our consumer-website top-ranking by helping consumers in a professional manner without bias. If there is a better solution for you through your employer or a professional association, we’ll know about it and direct you there. If your medical history won’t allow you to qualify for a preferred rating, we’ll work to find the best choice and help you determine which features are the most important.

The Exchange

When an Ohio Health Exchange offers policies to residents of our state, our Agency will be a resource that explains the process of applying for coverage. It is expected that in 2014, the Department Of Health And Human Resources will help create the “Exchange” that will perhaps help individuals and families buy affordable health care. Since it is possible that it will be very consumer unfriendly, our website will take you step by step through the process.

The first step to securing the best deals for your medical coverage in Ohio is finding the right broker and website. Now that you have already done that, please take the time to read about different policies and glance at the live quotes you provide. We’ll be standing by if you need any help.

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